NFL Scouts eyeing up Kangaroo

An Australian who has played in the NFL says NRL stars Willie Mason and Anthony Minichiello would be stars if they switched to the American game.

Speaking ahead of the Kangaroos' exhibition match against the American Tomahawks in Philadelphia, Sydney-born and raised former Houston Oilers defensive end Colin Scotts told The League Correspondent Mason and Minichiello could be NFL successes.

"Willie has the height and balance - he also has coordination and the aggro," Scotts said. "An offensive tackle has to be good on his feet which Willie is. Willie also has strong hands. Willie would have to put on some weight. He'd need to be about 140kg."

"I was about 110kg when I first went across but ended up 145kg. He (Minichiello) has such great footwork. I call him Fred Astaire. Anthony is extremely quick and has great vision, something you need as an NFL wide receiver. He knows where the gaps are."

And Scotts has no doubt that with several NFL scouts likely to be at Franklin Field, when temperatures are expected to dip to as low as five degrees, they will be impressed by the talent they will see.

"There are millions of NFL scouts and some will definitely be there," Scotts said. "And I think rugby league players will soon end up in NFL. But they would have to get ready for the NFL which is the most complex, explosive and intense game around - bar none."

"The Americans will love the fact the one rugby league team is also the offensive and defensive team. They will be very curious. I'm hoping it is a brutal game so we can show them what rugby league is all about."