North Sydney visit Newcastle

This weekend the Mighty Red & Black travel to the land of the Red & Blue as they face the David Fairleigh coached Newcastle Knights. 'Daisy', was a tough Bear to beat in his day and the Norths team will be looking to back up their win against the Bulldogs in what is expected to be an evenly match contest.

In Jersey Flegg the Bears will be looking for a big game against the top place Newcastle under 20s side. Also a big Novocastrian, crowd will ensure a great atmosphere as they gather for the first grade match between the Knights and the Broncos.

The Bears Jersey Flegg spar with the knights at 10:50 a.m. The Premier League clash will begin at 12:30 p.m. followed by the Knights V the Broncos match at 2:30 p.m.

PICTURED: Exciting play maker Scott Hill in action for the Bears is a possible starter for the clash with the Knights. Photo: Steve Little


North Sydney Premier League v Newcastle 1. Anthony Beare 2. Karl Johnson 3. Daniel Watkins 4. Filinga Filiga 5. Andrew Moodie 6. Daniel Russell (c) 7. Ben Black 8. Aaron Trinder 9. Ben Ellis 10. Eddie Sua 11. Chris Saab 12. Brad Domek 13. Luke Fatnowna

14. Ryan Russell 15. Richard Retimana 16. Casey Ellis 20. Bede Tuohy

Coach - Josh White

North Sydney Jersey Flegg v Newcastle 1. Daniel Phillips 2. Matt McDougall 3. Bladen Baird 4. Ryan Wilson 5. Paddy Kilmurray 6. James Maloney (c) 7. Liam Foran 8. Tim McDonald 9. Chris Dears 10. Tupo Peaua 11. Arnold Mano 12. Michael Morris 13. Chris Dears

14. Mafi Lolohea 15. Tala AhFa 16. Pio Rokomaqisa 17. Gavin Duncan 18. Blayne Davis

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