Northern to revert to Manly

The Northern Eagles board last night ask for special lenience from the National Rugby League as the club prepared for its transformation back into Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles. Since the failed merger ended at the end of last year, the Manly board have realised a dilemma that has arisen with the club still pretending to be the Northern Eagles.

The North Sydney fans before that use to make up a lot of the numbers up on the Central Coast had jumped ship and there are still a large number of ?Former Manly? fans who refuse to go back to the club till it calls itself Manly-Warringah once more.

Left with this problem the club has decided next year to play between 80%-100% of their home games at Brookvale next year, revert to the Manly name, and introduce a new Manly strip. Cause of these new changes, the club however needs to get the approval from the NRL to change its logo and jersey within the two-year usual restriction on such changes.

Till such approval by the NRL, the club has however decided to call themselves unofficially Manly Warringah in all promotion, however will not drop North Power till next year because of legal reasons.

Manly Crowd Averages 2002: Brookvale: 11,507 NorthPower: 6,521