Norway gets first taste of junior

Hannestad primary school in Sarpsborg, south east Norway has staged the first junior rugby league tournament in the country, with eight teams taking part in a day-long extravaganza.

The initiative was organised by Australian-born teacher Justin Ryan who has been coaching between 70 and 80 youngsters in the sport since last February.

?I started off by showing rugby league videos to the pupils every week, during their break? he said.

?From February until April, the children were taught the rules and laws of the game. In April, the snow melted, and the children no longer wished to watch the sport they wanted to play it.?

?Thanks to the RFL and Oztag, I have received a lot of equipment, such as rugby balls, law books and tag belts which has enabled me to continue teaching these children the basics.?

By the end of September, his pupils ? based an hour?s drive from Oslo - were thirsting for competitive action and Ryan organised an eight team event, which culminated in the winning side claiming a thrilling 24-20 victory with ten seconds of the ?Grand Final? remaining.

?At the end, all players received their diploma? Ryan continued. ?Also, the winning team received a copy of a Super League game on dvd featuring Leeds and Hull from Headingley, which was played in 2005. They loved it!?

?The tournament, which featured boys and girls, was a great success and the kids want to have another one really soon.?