On Thursday 15 August, representatives from the National Rugby League, Channel 9 and Fox Sports met with representatives from St George Illawarra Dragons and St George DRLFC, and representatives from Kogarah Council to review the possibility of the Dragons playing at Kogarah Jubilee Oval in 2003.

This followed an inspection of Kogarah Oval by the interested parties with the view of assessing Kogarah Oval?s suitability for NRL games in the future.

In particular, the suitability of Kogarah Oval as an NRL venue with an emphasis on media, player and spectator facilities.

NRL representatives were confident that all issues relating to player facilities could be addressed, while media representatives outlined specific improvements required to ensure facilities were at an acceptable level.

The NRL and the Broadcasters have agreed to submit a report on specific issues as soon as possible. The cost of any upgrades depends on contents of these reports.

The general concensus however, was that while there was work to be done, a positive outcome could be achieved.

This is great news for the Dragons supporter group, R2K who have been lobbying hard for a return to Kogarah ever since the ground was deemed unsuitable in 1999.

Last week, it was revealed that State funding grant applications will close on September 11, 2002 and that allocations will be announced in October and November. The report outlines that the Kogarah upgrade budget is $700,000 including state and council contributions.