NRL treating fans with contempt

Sorry to say, the NRL are absolutely thoughtlesss in regards to their scheduling of matches. After State Of Origin II, the NRL in all their finite wisdom decide to have Brisbane and Parramatta back up 48 hours later, robbing the fans of what is truly a great rivalry of modern football and also lost is the spectacle and skill that always is a feature ot these games. Players involved in Origin II were leg weary after twenty minutes. To make matters worse, the NRL have also scheduled Parramatta and Canterbury to backup 48 hours after State Of Origin III, again robbing the fans of what is arguably the greatest rivalry in Rugby League. These two teams hate each other as do the fans, but always keenly anticipate these clashes and to have two battle weary sides playing in one of the biggest club matches of the year is a disgrace. Potentially, there will be almost ten players backing up for this clash. Likely players involved in the last Origin clash are Darren Smith, Steve Price, Travis Norton, Braith Anasta from the Bulldogs while Parramatta will have Jamie Lyon, Nathan Hindmarsh, Jason Moodie, Michael Vella and possibly Brett Hodgson. We, the fans are being shortchanged because some incompetent buffoon from the NRL can't work out their head from their tail. It's also a bit rich to ask fans to attend the last origin match and then fork out again for the Friday night clash. Maybe the NRL could organise a ticketing promotion whereby a price can be worked out so fans who attend the last Origin, also have the opportunity to attend the Eels/Bulldogs match if the NRL decided to move the match to Stadium Australia.