NRL Welcomes Bulldogs Security

The Bulldogs announced a list of security measures aimed at ensuring there would be no repeats of the violent crowd scenes that blighted the club's recent clash with the Sydney Roosters.

CEO, Malcolm Noad met with NSW Police and the NRL this morning to finalise the plan, which will be enforced at all games.

It will start at this weekend's double-header at Telstra Stadium.

The plan includes: working with the NSW Police Service, venue managers at home and away matches and security prior to each event to undertake a thorough risk assessment; appropriate numbers of police and security to be allocated to games; identifying and informing all supporters of "alcohol free and family areas" for Bulldogs home games; informing away clubs of designated away team seating and no alcohol family areas at both the Sydney Showground and Telstra Stadium; taking specific action against all identifiable offenders including ejection, lawful prosecution and lifetime bans.

The initiatives were prompted by ugly scenes at the Bulldogs-Roosters game two weeks ago at Aussie Stadium.

Eight people were ejected from the ground and two police were injured as Bulldogs fans clashed with their Roosters counterparts.

A 27-year-old man was charged with assault and affray as a result of that evening.

"These initiatives are designed to clean out the element at games that wants to make trouble rather than support rugby league," Noad said.

"Specific action that will be taken against identified offenders will include ejection from the game, prosecution and lifetime bans from all NRL fixtures."

"Families need to know that they can come to our games and not feel threatened and trouble makers need to know that they will be caught and face the consequences of their actions."

The NRL welcomed the Bulldogs' initiatives.

"I'm pleased to see them taking steps to help insure the game is enjoyable for all fans in Sydney," NRL chief executive David Gallop told League Correspondent.

The Bulldogs also said they would explore with the NSW Police Service the opportunity to re-ignite Operation Tarat with a view to working with them and the NRL to stamp out anti-social behaviour.

And they said they would continue to work with the NSW Police Community Leaders to assist in the identification of trouble makers.