Oceanic-Pacifica Rugby League Cup -

The weekend just past saw an amazing display of talent take part in the Oceanic-Pacifica Rugby League Cup competition .It was a hugely successful event and promises to be even bigger and better next year.

1st game Sydney Metropolitan Aboriginal All Stars 26 v TamaSamoa 4

2nd game Sydney North Tongans 32 v North Shore Barbarians 8

3rd game Wairere NSW Maoris 12 v Fiji "A" 8

4th game Aboriginal All Stars 18 v Sydney North Tongans 8

5th game TamaSamoa 15 v Fiji "A" 14

6th game Wairere NSW Maoris 34 v North Shore Barbarians 14


4th place TamaSamoa 14 went down to 3rd place Sydney North Tongans 38

2nd place Wairere NSW Maoris 18 went down to 1st place Sydney Metropolitan Aboriginal All Stars 30

Winners of the "Oceanic-Pacifica Rugby League Cup" - Sydney Metropolitan Aboriginal All Stars, as well as $5,000.00

Winners of the "John Hopoate Shield" Wairere NSW Maoris. as well as $1,500.00

3rd place, and winner of the "Eddie Brown plate" Sydney North Tongans

"Player of the tournament" trophy went to Richard Williams, from the Aboriginal Allstars, along with $500.00