Off the Wall

Readers may recall that when Wayne Bennett signed up as coach of the Dragons for 2009 I commented that the position would eventually, and inevitably, cause tensions at the Brisbane Broncos this season.

Well, with the Broncos needing to return to the winning list to be assured of a reasonable finals position that has most assuredly come true.

In recent weeks, the exodus from the Broncos for 2009 has become a very regular news story. The latest was Darius Boyd who, despite the Broncos confidence he would be staying with the club in 2009, has signed up with the Dragons.

Inevitably, the finger has been pointed at coach Bennett - just as some circles have been pointing the finger at him over the departure of no less than four other first graders (Ben Hannant, Michael Ennis, Denan Kemp and Joel Moon) who have been snapped up by the Bulldogs and the Warriors.

Today Bennett has broken his media silence with a great fanfare!

In a story that has even pushed the Olympics of the back page of the Brisbane Courier Mail, Bennett has not only denied he is behind the players leaving, but he effectively laid the blame right at the feed of the club - and by that one assumes he means the CEO, Bruno Cullen, and the incoming coach, Ivan Henjak.

Bennett claims that none of the players - including Boyd - want to leave the Broncos.