Off the Wall

Confirmation today that the Newcastle Knights have been making enquiries about whether they can sign up Sonny Bill Williams frankly reflects very poorly on the Knights management.

At the very time the club is appealing to fans, and sponsors, to remain loyal as a result of the crisis caused by two senior players being charged with serious drug offences - and rumours more may follow- it has been considering signing a player who abandoned rugby league by breaching his contract with the Bulldogs - and displaying the total lack of loyalty the Knights are now seeking from others!

This is a very, very bad call by the Knights. And fortunately it will go nowhere because David Gallop has made it very clear that if Williams returns to the NRL it has to be with the Bulldogs as provided for under the terms of the settlement of his contract termination.

The departure of Williams in 2008 was a disgraceful affair. It did the image of the game no good at all - and while it did Williams