Off the Wall

The ABC current affairs programme, Four Corners, is apparently preparing a programme on rugby league - and obviously it will be centred around the salary cap, and the Storm's confirmed abuse of it.

There is an irony in the time, albeit a sad one. It was a Four Corners programme that ended the career of Kevin Humphreys as the el supreme of the game in Australia 27 years ago.

One assumes the programme will be broadcast next Monday night - tonight's is about cocoa production in the developing world, and the link with the chocolate industry.

I believe we should not fear a probing light being focussed on the administration of our game, and on the salary cap in particular.

Now the extent of the rorting by the Melbourne Storm is being exposed - and it is clearly greater than was first realised - we need the whole issue to be right out there in the open.

It suits the convenience of some to believe - or hope - that the "alpha and the omega" when it comes to the Storm salary cap scandal is Brian "Wally