Off the Wall

Today won't be a good look for the game on television and in the print media - but David Gallop has done about as much as he could to salvage something from the wreckage.

The charging of a leading player manager, and the upgrading of the charges against a current registered player, with criminal offences arising from the betting plunge on the Bulldogs v Cowboys game in Townsville late in the 2010 season is not a good look at all.

This matter has gone far beyond alleged lying to the NSW Crime Commission. The charges now centre around attempted fraud against a sports betting agency - attempting to gain financial advantages by deception.

Just as player Ryan Tandy was stood down when he was first charged, his Manager Sam Ayoub, needs to be stood down by the NRL as well. David Gallop must not show the weakness his AFL counterpart had shown when it comes to player managers!

These matters will now work through the court process.

The other issue that will make the headlines concerns the meeting between David Gallop and Todd Carney. The outcome has a number of facets to it. Forget the $10,000 fine - the figure may seem substantial but fines seem to have zero impact. And the ten grand should go right now to a nominated charity.

What is to be applauded is the other conditions Carney AND the Roosters have to accept.

These include mandatory counseling, career education, a traffic offenders course and work with alcohol support groups.

If that is all mandatory well and good...

Carney certainly deserves support, but he must take firm action to address his problems with strong drink!

And I hope David Gallop told the Roosters management to lift their game as well.

It defies belief that they did not know Todd Carney was right off the rails during the off-season. While players have to accept responsibility themselves, the clubs surely have some when it comes to players with a troubled past.

I hope he gets his act together. He is a talented player and it would be a terrible waste to see his career cut short. But you get the impression the NRL won't tolerate his behaviour any more.

Carney's latest transgression surely was not so serious as to warrant the front page coverage it received - but I guess that comes with the territory today.

Here's hoping he lifts his game - and the Roosters very ordinary management does so as well.