Off the Wall

The announcement that Wayne Bennett won't be coaching the St George-Illawarra Dragons in 2012 really adds about three fifths of not much to the real question - where will he be coaching in 2012?

I have believed for some weeks that the Dragons were out of the race, otherwise he would have moved to kill the speculation about his future before now.

Now that he has publicly revealed what he told the Dragons a couple of weeks ago, we have to hope that he moves as quickly as possible to being able to answer the real question!

The Broncos are undoubtedly on the radar - though Darren Lockyer's comment that he wants a year away from football after he retires would tend to mitigate against that. And why go back to coach a team you took to four premierships when the club's best player is hanging up his boots? But his family remain in Brisbane, so the Broncos must be in contention.

It is now likely that Nathan Tinkler will get control of the Knights club tonight - given the reception he received at a members meeting on Monday night. If he does, then the Knights will surely be making Bennett a tempting offer.

If you look at Tinkler's history in horse racing, money does not seem to be an issue!

I guess the Rabbitohs are in contention because there is a definite coaching vacancy there at the end of the season.

I don't see any other clubs in contention at this stage.

The Cowboys would clearly have a strong attraction, but having knocked Wayne Bennett back a few years ago, I don't think he will be going there!

The continued speculation benefits no one - apart from writers who can always file on column on where Wayne Bennett may, or may not be, going...yours truly being one of them.

I am sure Wayne Bennett appreciates we can expect another announcement sooner rather than later!