Off the Wall

Anyone who has been following rugby league for as long as I have has a view on Manly!

Mine has generally been a negative one - I was brought up in the era that you followed your favourite team and then anyone who was playing Manly.

Manly were seen to be the sliver tails of rugby league at a time when it was generally regarded as the "working man's game".

There was also a perception - if not a reality - that Manly exerted disproportionate influence on the management of the then NSWRL which ran the premiership.

This week it has been interesting asking a wide range of friends and contacts who they are going to support on Sunday. And the radio open line feedback has been interesting as well.

All I can say is that we might be a more tolerant nation, but when it comes to hating Manly not a lot has changed!

If my soundings are remotely accurate the Warriors won't be short of fans on Sunday!

There may also be something about going for the "underdog" is the process...and the Warriors are the underdog with the betting agencies, and have been all week.

The one aspect that ought to be taken into account before you take the odds on offer for Manly is the weather.

The only good thing about the weather forecast for Sunday is that it's better than the forecast for Melbourne for the AFL grand final tomorrow!

A wet and cold Sunday game might well advantage the Warriors.

All that said, this is a grand final I am looking forward to.

It should be, on recent form, a free flowing game, and the contest between the halves ought to be worth the not inconsiderable admission fee!

The kind of grand final the games most certainly needs!