Off the Wall

The media today is reporting that Des Hasler's reign as Sea Eagles coach is likely to end tonight.

The weird agreement under which he would continue to coach the team in 2012 even though he has signed up to coach the Bulldogs in 2013 was never going to be comfortable, let alone last 12 months.

Given his outstanding service to the club as a player, and coach, one must surely hope his departure has some dignity attached to it.

It probably won't, and that says more about the state of the Sea Eagles management than it does about Des Hasler.

The club is a rabble - despite winning the premiership.

Today's news that the board may end his term as soon as tonight is accompanied by yet another story about a prominent player wanting to jump ship!

This time it is Kieran Foran - and what a loss that would be!

Despite winning the premiership the club has faced the following crises since - a successful coach going elsewhere; key players wanting to go elsewhere; brawling between owners; and ongoing dissent over the sacking of club legend Peter Peters.

And to top that all off, the club is running at a loss and is one of those needing a cash handout from the NRL!

Sections of the club may regard Hasler is disloyal, but frankly, who could blame him?

The big winner form this shambles is the Bulldogs. It will get an exceptional coach, and probably get him a year early. And it might get some very worthwhile players as a bargain.

But the game is a loser.

The spectacle of the season's premiers descending into crisis within days of winning the grand final is not a good look for the game.

The NRL has, as usual, sat on the sidelines - or in the distant comfort of Wembley Stadium and one of London's finest hotels?

I hope Des Hasler is allowed to leave the Sea Eagles today. I just hope he is accorded the dignity he deserves.