Off the Wall

One of the rising stars in the game, James Maloney, signed with Sydney Roosters - but he won't be playing for the Roosters for something like 460 days.

Even before the start of the 2012 season, he has signed to play with the Roosters in 2013.

This has shades of the hopeless deal whereby Des Hasler, within days of the grand final victory by the Sea Eagles, signed to coach the Bulldogs - but not until 2013.

That debacle has mercifully been terminated, and he is already coaching the Bulldogs.

It was never going to work for a coach - the midseason signing of Wayne Bennett by the Knights did not help the Dragons 2011 season either - and you have to ask is it even more damaging for a player.

Jamal Idris signed early in the 2011 season to play with the Titans next year - from the moment he signed he was under added scrutiny at the Bulldogs.

The 16 clubs are meeting with the new commission today.

Surely this is an issue that cannot be put in the