Off the Wall

We are but six weeks a way from the start of the 2012 NRL premiership yet the Independent Commission is still to take control of the game.

The latest "report" is that it will all happen next week.

Ken Arthurson is one of the games most respected administrators, having served it will distinction for over fifty years...from player to club coach to club administrator and then onto the leading administrative position in the game.

Yesterday he commented that the delay in handing over control to the IC was frustrating - and hard to understand.

Notwithstanding his eminent standing, his comments will probably make no difference to the timetable. It may be next week - or it may not be next week!

This is just not good enough.

It portrays the game as a rabble when it comes to leadership. And it could not be a rabble at a more crucial time.

The next television rights agreement is yet to be negotiated - and that is making it even more difficult for clubs to plan for the post 2012 period.

The complex issues surrounding sports betting remain only half addressed. And the future of Ryan Tandy in the game can now be decided.

And the very viability of a number of clubs remains in the balance.

The game will in just a few weeks time face the most concerted assault in its heartland ever launched by the AFL.

And on it goes.

What needs to happen today, not tomorrow, is for the ARL/NSWRL/QRL and News to commit to handing over to the IC within seven days.

No more delays, no more excuses.

About the only rugby league news since New Year have been hyped up stories promoting the All Stars v Indigenous game - and there has to be a limit to them no matter how positive an event the game is - and some nonsense about Sonny Bill Williams returning to the NRL in 2013.

That story was made even worse by the media pic showing the Roosters Chairman and the Channel Nine CEO meeting to discuss his return via the Sydney Roosters!

Is the best we can do to promote our great game accept back Sonny Bill Williams?

If it is then we really do have a problem!