Off the Wall

The Referees Director, Bill Harrigan, might not always get it right, but he is right on the mark with his latest edict - a  crack down on what has been dubbed the "dancing tackle".

This is the tackle, being used with increasing frequency, in which two or more defenders hold up the ball holder allowing the remaining defensive line to restructure.

The whole tackle process has become a blight on the game.

Bill Harrigan has moved to get rid of the most dangerous tackles - such as the grapple, chicken wing and crusher.

The "dancing tackle" is not dangerous but it is slowing up the Bill has moved on it.

Rugby league's greatest strength is the way the game flows.

And if you watch a union test you quickly realise how fortunate we are!

So all power to Bill and Stuart Raper on this one.

He has also foreshadowed a crack down on different interpretations of the 10 metre rule.

Bill is reported as saying some referees enforce it at 11 metres, others at nine and a half.

Bill, how about those who are happy with 5 metres?

This is another welcome move, designed to ensure the free flow of the game remains.

I just hope Bill drops any thought of more use of technology....

If he does we will all be very happy - and the game will be an even better spectacle!