Off the Wall

At the end of a long and demanding season, the Kangaroos travelled to England to play in yet another tri-nations series.

That meant putting of their well earned end of season break, and it disrupted the resumption of pre-season training in their clubs.

By the standards of cricket, soccer and other sports the Kangaroos are not that highly paid.

The total payment per player is around $25,000. That is not a substantial payment given the risk of injury, the delaying and shortening of end of season breaks and so on.

What I find appalling is that even though the tour ended three months ago, going on four, the Kangaroos have not been paid!

I wonder if the ARL officials who were supposed to be responsible for the tour, and who flew to the UK first or business class to see a few games and doubtless do a side tour or two, would be so complacent if their pay had been delayed for three months?

The usual excuses have been trotted out - fault of the organisers, debate about how much players who went home early because of injury and so on.

What nonsense!

The ARL was not short of money when it effectively ceased to exist with the formation of the IC.

Why wasn't some of that money used to pay the players?

This is really poor, but predictable, form.

The IC Chairman, John Grant, is off to a good start...he will do even better if he intervenes today and ensures our national representatives get their entitlements!