Off the Wall


There can be no surprise that a player who was headed to be a Kiwi ends up being a Kangaroo.

The James Tamou circumstance is far from unique.

I don't blame him for grabbing the opportunity to wear the green and gold.

But what his circumstance surely demonstrates is the need for the Australian Rugby League Commission to review ALL the eligibility rules - origin, national representation and even junior represetation rules if need be.

And when it finally does so, it needs to rule off a line, and insist that at every level of the game the new rules be followed without waiver.

The issue of Greg Inglis growing up in New South Wales and playing for Queensland gets raised every time he stars for the Maroons.

And on and on it goes.

Today we read that the Sims brothers - Ashton and Korbin - may end up playing against one another if both make Origin level.

Ashton, who plays with the Cowboys, will take part in city-country match t his weekend, while Korbin has been selected in the Queensland Under 20's side to play the Blues this weekend.
They both played their junior football in Gerringong, NSW for the Gerringong Lions....just two years apart.

But as Korbin played high school football in Queensland, he is eligible to be a Maroon!
There are worse example of inconsistent and puzzling standards when it comes to eligibility.

What needs to happen is for the ARLC to put and end to 30 years of mismanagement of the eligibility issue by successive administrations, and administrators, by developing clear, consistent and fair eligibility rules - and then stick to them resolutely.

On a happier note, the Roosters and the Cowboys deserve full credit for taking the game to Darwin on Saturday night.

Darwin probably won't ever have a team in the NRL, but interest in the game in the Territory is high - and deserves to be encouraged.

The game drew a crowd of over 10,000.

Not a bad effort in a city of around 130,000!

Well done to the Roosters for shifting a home game to Darwin - and well done to the Cowboys for their continuing work to help develop rugby league in the Territory!