Off the Wall

I had hardly arrived back from overseas yesterday when the news broke that David Gallop has resigned as CEO of the ARLC.

And effectively from COB yesterday!

His departure is not really that surprising - but the timing surely demands an explanation, not from David Gallop, but from the Chairman of the ARLC, John Grant.

This is the busiest period in the calendar of our game, and its administration - mid season, mid or close to mid Origin - and you can add to that the fact the television rights negotiations are finally getting serious.

This was clearly not a mutually agreed, wholly amicable departure.

If it was - then why do it now?

The two press conferences yesterday did not a provide satisfactory answer.

The only conclusion I can draw is that the working relationship between David Gallop and the ARLC had so comprehensively broken down that the best interests of everyone was served by its immediate severance.

If that is the case - and all evidence points to it being so - why not just say so???

At least the "family reasons" excuse was not trotted out as politicians all too often do.

We should be thankful for one small mercy!

The games stakeholders - and that includes the fans - are entitled to know the truth.

It does not have to be in great detail, but it needs to be more than we got yesterday.

And there is another reason why stakeholders need to know.

Soon after it finally took office, the ARLC board gave David Gallop a new four year contract.

What are the terms of his payout? When public companies fire their CEO the terms of his or her payout are made public. There is pressure here and elsewhere to broaden the disclosure requirements on executive and director payouts.

If we are in a "new era of accountability" then that would help demonstrate it.

I wish David Gallop well. He has served in a demanding role for a decade.

But the nature of his departure demands further explanation - not by David Gallop, but by the ARLC.

The timing is extraordinary, and that is why what was revealed yesterday was inadequate - and if we are in a new era of openness and transparency, just not good enough!