Off the Wall

Its is early days, but I like to look at the initial online reaction to decisions and issues.

Well the reaction to the ARLC's new television rights deal is even more pronounced than the online reaction to the Bligh Government here just prior to the March bloodbath!

And that is saying something!

Of the first 60 or so on line comments, just ONE could be construed as being favourably inclined to the deal.

In my initial reaction I overlooked one change - we are back to night time grand finals.

After all the pressure from fans to get back to a late afternoon grand final, Nine has arrogantly secured a return to a night time grand final.

The only saving grave is that the Newman Government in Queensland announced today the Labour Day holiday will be shifted from next year from the first Monday in May to the first Monday in October...bringing us into line with NSW.

A small concession - but no justification for the night time grand final.

I had thought that when the ARLC took control then "influence" of Nine would diminish.

If anything it has been strengthened!