Off the Wall

The cloud hanging over the Sharks could hardly be darker.

If players have been using illegal substances, knowing they were illegal substances, then they are undeserving of sympathy.

But my concern is whether the Sharks can survive what would seem to be an inevitable disaster....the full details and consequences of which may be known by days end.

People are entitled to question the "timing"...on the eve of the start of the season.

Time will tell.

Of all the 16 NRL clubs I would assess the Sharks as the most vulnerable - and the least able to withstand a crisis.

And what is unfolding has to be regarded as a crisis.

The Sharks are in poor financial shape, and have been for years.

They have struggled to attract sponsors, and their home crowds have been disappointing.

And their on field performance has not been much better. And their administration has been a rabble for years.

If this is all as serious as it is being suggested - and I stress the "if" the question will very soon arise....can the Sharks survive?

Frankly, I doubt it.

And that would present the new NRL CEO with a "contraction" rather than am "expansion" challenge!