Off the Wall


The draw for the final six rounds of the 2013 premiership contains good and bad news.
The bad news is that Nine is persisting with the nonsense that everyone in Brisbane supports the Broncos so the Broncos have Friday night coverage in five of the last six rounds - and the other match is a Thursday night one. And the NRL seems to be intent on giving in to it!
Unless Nine knows something most fans and commentators don't know, the Broncos are on the very precipice of missing the finals - and that could come as early as tonight.
Do Brisbane viewers want to have showed down their throats six prime free to air matches showing a team that has grossly under-performed this season?
Doesn't Channel Nine, and the NRL, realise that clubs like the Rabbitohs, Storm, and even the Roosters, have huge fan bases in Queensland?
As the finals draw close, surely free to air fans ought to get live free to air coverage of the teams most likely to feature in them?
If the Broncos bomb out tonight, and end up not being in finals contention it will be interesting to see how the ratings trend!!
If the Broncos prove me wrong and make the finals I won't change my stance.......the simple fact is that Queensland fans of Sydney clubs are getting short changed - again!
Other clubs such as the Sharks and Raiders who will get no free to air coverage are entitled to be unhappy.
The Sharks and