Off The Wall

- By Jeff Wall.

Today story concerning Roosters players and their apparent "links" could not have come at a worse possible time for the Roosters - or the NRL.
The attendances at the finals series matches so far have been profoundly disappointing - and that is made even more disappointing by the fact that all six games have been exceptional.
The drugs and gambling issues facing the game - be they real or perceived - have been very damaging.
Poor refereeing has not helped.
My worry is that a legion of fans have turned off and tuned out.
We have jut two weekend and three games to get them back!
Forget the World will have limited beneficial impact, and before it ends the Ashes test cricket series will have started.
Sadly, I fear that tonight's, and tomorrow's media will be dominated by the Roosters allegations - and the Footy Show interview with Sandor Earl. Great timing that one!!!
The Roosters issue has one concerning aspect - the time it took to notify the NRL when the issue was first discovered!!!
That seems to be the problem - all the time!
Slow disclosure to the NRL.....and just about zero accountability to the fans!
Surely, surely, the NRL will now insist that all possible infractions - no matter how small - are reported immediately?
This issue, if it is in reality an issue, should have been dealt with, and make public, at the start of the season....when it happened!

That it is an issue at a critical time for the game defies comprehension.