Off the Wall - Origin I wrap

The Blues were far too good last night - and complaints about different rules applying to Origin matches simply ignore history!

Origin rules, especially when it comes to rough and foul play have been different from the very first Origin match over 30 years ago. And I would content the different Origin "rules" and "interpretation" have probably broken about even in terms of who they have benefited!

When two of the games greatest administrators, Kevin Humphreys and Ron McAuliffe, devised the Origin concept, they deliberately made it different. And being "different" has been a significant part of its enormous, and arguably, growing, strength and success.

The complaints about Paul Gallen not being sent off or sent to the sin bin have to be viewed in that context full stop! The rules that apply in the premiership don't apply in Origin matches - never have and never will. Putting Paul Gallen on report was in accordance with Origin practice.

And frankly, may it ever be thus!

Origin is unique in so many ways......and last night's encounter exemplified that completely. While we have to discourage punching to the head the intensity of every Origin encounter must be taken into account. The game owes a great debt of gratitude to Humphreys and McAuliffe.

The Origin concept was a huge gamble - but it pays massive annual dividends. We have a great series - and the enthusiasm of the Blues supporters last night adds to its success. The Maroons will fight back - perhaps literally - at Lang Park in three weeks time!

In the meantime, forget a debate about how the rules are applied differently in Origin.

Always have been - and always will be!