OKI Jubilee Stadium could host
night final

  • by R2K
  • August 07 2004 12:00AM

Today's Sydney Morning Herald (7/8/04) has confirmed that OKI Jubilee Stadium could host a night final if the Dragons can finish in the top four.

Dragons' CEO Peter Doust stated that the possibility has been discussed and that a decision will be made at a board meeting on the 24th of August.

Assuming the Dragons can win their remaining games against New Zealand, Newcastle and Manly, they will be a chance of hosting a home final if they can leapfrog Penrith and stay ahead of Melbourne and North Queensland.

The decision to grant OKI Jubilee Stadium a home final would be a popular one with St.George Illawarra supporters. A home final would help address some of the imbalance that has existed between the Illawarra and St.George regions since 2002. Season 2004 has been particularly disappointing for St.George based supporters, with OKI Jubilee Stadium only gaining four home matches compared to WIN Stadium's seven.

While the Dragons would need to hire temporary lighting for the night, this cost would be offset by the likelihood of increased ticket prices for a final and the superior commercial benefits that Kogarah offers. As Doust has previously stated:

"OKI Jubilee Stadium is a lot cheaper, more cost effective for the club. We don't pay the rental fees we have at WIN Stadium and we get the proceeds from food and beverage sales and a bigger return from corporate hospitality."

The prospect of a night final offers the St.George-Illawarra management a chance to act in the best interests of their supporters by allocating the fixture to the popular OKI Jubilee. The impact of a night match on the Carlton community can be minimised through hiring community friendly lighting that eliminates light spill and glare.


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