One Night in

It started at 6.40 am; 5 young men, with ambitions to tear down a whole football stadium, to spread the CSSC love, to unite all Sharks fans in Townsville as one and to come home with nothing but glory... That is exactly what happened.

By 9.15 am, the 5 men had stepped off Jet Star airlines with a smile. This smile was one that would stick with them forever. Greeted at the arrivals terminal by none other than Jimmy Barnett and the Cronulla Board, the high fives had already begun. It was this moment that flared the emotions for possibly "the best weekend ever", as quoted by Bundy.

Andy the Cabbie flicked on the Maxi Taxi, and greeted us with a "you beauty fellas!" It was here that we embarked on a 25 minute cab ride through the streets of Townsville, XXXX in our hands, and life in our pockets.

We arrived at the Civic Guest house - our residence for the next 24 hours. No ordinary back packer hostel, this one was amazing. It had everything we needed, including our own bathroom. ?WOW? - as Beeker was heard to have proclaimed. "The Beer Gardens in Townsville are Massive, they are huge! How bloody big are they! That?s a Massive Beer Garden, Claimed Beeker.

While we settled into to our hostel of dreams, it was time to move into the big city of Townsville, where we embraced locals, in our CSSC apparel, horns were tooting, fingers were flowing, and the beer was dribbling, at a local pub, where the bar maid had told the boys to ride her like a cowboy. (Strange, but it was very, very funny). I didn?t see any of this, as I was in the middle of a feature in a feature in a feature in a feature - which pocketed me a handy one hunj, to kick things off.

Moving right along, the boys found a poker set, which Bundy happily purchased. The boys then embarked in a few games of Texas hold ?em. I was too good for everyone at one stage, but the boys are adamant that I can?t play. IT WAS NOW TIME FOR COWBOYS LEAGUES....

While Lloydy and Macca finished a game of chess, Beeker and myself took it upon ourselves to recruit more CSSC members - they weren?t any ordinary supporters - they were 2 girls from JAPAN and 2 men from SWITZERLAND. Happy to be given 4 complimentary tickets to Sharks v Cowboys, they told us they?d meet us at the leagues club.

We arrived at the leagues club at midday, and for the next 5 hours, we'd involve ourselves in some old fashioned punting, in which Little Baldy got up in the 7th. Had some lunch and relaxed, while meeting more sharks fans who were walking in after hearing the cries for SHHHHHHHAARKIIIEEES? The time flew, and Townsville CSSC members were arriving - JC, Shark girl, and their families. The Swiss and the Japanese, and the randoms we signed up through out the day. This was going to be a bigger night than first anticipated....We left the Cowboys, in search of a bus, a bus of dreams, like the one Frankie drives...we found one.

The bus ride was an amazing one, one which passed through man cowboy locals, all gesturing king middle fingers, and again tooting horns.. DING DING cried Damo, and it was ON. The team song begun and the bus was ALIVE! (videos to come, wont elaborate on the bus trip, the videos will tell the story)

We arrived at dairy farmers, friendly people congratulated us, shook our hands, wished good luck. Great people in Townsville. We found a seat, and watched Beeks dance for 10 minutes. Here is the time at the game summed up in points:

- Beeker bashed by two locals - the Peach and Bowen. All in good fun, they had blow up fingers and were nailing him. Macca also copped a few beauties.

- Security told us we couldn?t stand up, we took a stand but got shut down. We agreed to only stand when we scored, OR when something amazing happened. (Turned out the whole game was amazing)

- 20 odd CSSC members

- a Finatics member - good kid.

-a Sharks win


Celebrations started on the full time buzzer. The players noticed us obviously, and were quick to RUN over. Making their way to the fence, not one but all, came right over, group hugged, clapped hands, shook hands, patted backs, kissed cheeks and made love, passionate, amazing love. The team clapping our hands, were no doubt a premiership winning side that night.

The Nulla #2 - "hey birdy, you coming out tonight?"

Birdy - " f**k yes, see you at fusion round about 2!"

From this point on, the dancing kicked up, and when I finally got let in to the Bullwinkles, after originally being told no entry because my shirt was from KMART (it clearly wasn?t), the night flew with emotion. From here, the night is hazy as you would understand.

Summed up:

- Kicking off our shoes in Bullwinkles, followed by the Bank hotel, then finished with Bullys again.

- Hugging Kevin Kingston for 3 mins straight

- hot dogs at 5.30 am

- Life, and its characteristics being on show for 22 hours straight.

by CSSC President, Dane Wheeler

For photos from the big weekend in Townsville, click here.

Videos from the weekend will be online shortly.