One way to Malta

Malta have withdrawn from this year?s Mediterranean Cup in Lebanon, altering their concentration and efforts into the proposed exhibition match in Malta set for October.

Malta was set to join Lebanon, Serbia and Greece in this year?s edition.

Safety concerns are the motive behind the move although MRLA vice-chairman Michael Borg admitted the team and supporters were keenly awaiting the tour of the Middle East nation.

?Our enquiries with the Department of Foreign Affairs have advised against travel to Lebanon? said Borg.

?our contacts in Malta have also come back to us with a similar travel advisory?

The MRLA arrived with the decision following a unanimous vote by the 7 board members.

Malta will now channel all their effort into the first ever rugby league fixture to be played on the tiny Mediterranean island with coaching clinics, and meeting with Malta?s national sporting bodies (Football and Rugby Union) as well as the Malta Olympic Committee on the agenda.

?I think it?s a blessing in disguise (Malta?s withdrawl from Mediterranean Cup) for us?

?we can channel all our efforts into the major project, that being Malta?

With the success of Malta?s two matches in Sydney at Melita Stadium in 2004, another fixture at Melita Stadium is on the cards for October and the MRLA can confirm that negotiations have commenced with another nation for the proposed fixture. Further details will be announced in due course once all is confirmed.