Opinion: Coaches don't deserve to
be sacked

If Parramatta sack Brian Smith, he should immediately commence legal action and ensure he gets every cent that his contract demands.

The same goes for Paul Langmack.

It?s okay to bag a coach ? in fact it is a damn sight better than talking about off-field problems that continue to haunt the game ? but to suggest he should be sacked before his contract concludes is ludicrous.

I am sick of the media campaign to get Brian Smith and Paul Langmack sacked.

The Eels got themselves into the situation they now find themselves in on their own accord. Nobody told them to sign Brian Smith for five years, they did it themselves. There?s no amount of games Smith has to win to keep his contract, and the same can be said for Langmack.

In a time when we are trying to teach players how to respect women, get ourselves out of another off-field controversy and teach kids about what is right and wrong in the world, the thought of sacking a coach mid-way through his contract is just ridiculous.

Are we teaching the future of our game that a contract is nothing but a piece of paper than can be torn up at any time?

I am not a Brian Smith fan ? I think his coaching techniques are poor and his team selections more than a little odd ? but Smith can do what he wants, he is the head coach. Perhaps clubs should start learning from past mistakes and only sign coaches for one season. Then they can make a decision at the conclusion of that season as to where they want to head next year. After all, most jobs in the world are like that.

In a similar vain, I feel for Jamie Lyon ? he clearly doesn?t want to play for Parramatta. But the bottom line is, he signed a contract and should be playing for the club this weekend. He does not deserve a release. It?s the easy way out and it?s not what rugby league is about. Commitment is a key to this game, and it?s something that many don?t appear to have.

I congratulate Parramatta for ignoring the media and the fans on the ?Sack Smith? campaign. It is their own fault they are in this situation and they should stand by the man that they put at the helm.

As for Souths, someone needs to take a look at the team that Langmack has to work with. If any other coach ? be it Chris Anderson or any other top level mentor ? can lift that side from where they are now, I very much doubt it. Langmack, too, should see out his contract.

Both coaches should ignore the scrutiny that is surrounding them. Do your job, as you are being paid to do. Don?t accept a settlement, and fight for every last cent if you get sacked.