Opinion: Do I want the Dragons to
make the top 8?

This is a question that in previous years I wouldn't even contemplate, I would brush it aside as a rhetorical question.

However this year it's the one dominating my thoughts. Why am I puzzled by this question when the only reply should be a confident and loud YES? Does this mean my passion for the Dragons is diminishing that I no longer care? Should I go out buy a suede jacket with leather elbow patches and start following the Waratahs?

Of course not, the Dragons are still dear to me and will be to the day I die. This internal conflict is the result of mistrust and a lack faith in the club. The clubs administrators should be trusted and held in high esteem. These truly are sad times for this once mighty club, yet again the fans have lost faith in their representatives. Why has this faith eroded again? Is it the fact that we where promised and we sacrificed so much for this merger and received very little in return? Is it the double standards displayed by the men in our head office? Is it the fact that our last premiership was over 20 years ago and the next one isn't forthcoming for some time yet or maybe a combination of them all?

I think if you gather all of the excuses for our poor performances, injuries, suspensions, inexperience, bad luck, biased refs etc and separate the common factor you will find the name Andrew Farrar. As hard as he tries and I'm sure he puts in 100% every week he simply isn't producing the desired results. Therefore if making the 8 means retaining Farrar and enduring another year of heartache, frustration and cultivating ulcers than I hope we lose every game from now on. This has given me a headache as my heart has contradicted these thoughts by reminding me of the dream I keep having. The one where Barrett and Thommo are holding the Telstra 2002 Cup doing victory laps around Stadium Australia.

I urge fans to hang in there and get behind the team, support them and do our part to insure the Dragons have the best chance of success. Don't provide them with another excuse. Lets put our faith once more in the men responsible for making the correct decisions, the premiership winning decisions, lets give them a chance to restore the lost faith. If in the end they let us down, than they can face the consequences.

One Dragons United!

The St.George Illawarra Dragons!!!!


Your Frustrated,

Dragan Blazevic