Opinion: Loyalty out the window

When Shane Richardson walks out of the Panthers Leagues Club for the final time, he should hold his head in shame. I don?t believe for a moment that his move to Souths is about facing a new challenge. It?s about the dollars and that?s that.

Shane Richardson has said many times over the past two years that he is aiming to ?create the best football club in the world ? both on and off the field?. He may have helped Penrith achieve remarkable premiership success but his challenge at Penrith is far from over. He can?t give the excuse of facing a greater challenge, when he hasn?t yet completed the one at Penrith.

I admired Richardson more than any other CEO in the game. While he had been at many clubs before Penrith, he seemed to have a real passion for the club and the community. He looked proud to be a Panther. Now, that loyalty has been quashed.

It is Richardson?s right to leave the club if he wishes, but to do it mid-season is a complete disregard of respect for his coach, his team and every Penrith supporter.

Some may say ?It?s only the CEO?, but to leave the club mid-way through the season is like Bill Gates leaving Microsoft half-way through the creation of a new Windows product. He should see the job through, and that?s that.

I?m disappointed in the game of rugby league at the moment. Loyalty, something every rugby league fan knows too much about, doesn?t seem to be a word in the dictionary of the game?s officials.

The sacking of Paul Langmack is a case in point. Here is a man just 35 games into his coaching career, and he is given the boot. Langmack didn?t deserve to be sacked mid-way through a season that is a lost cause anyway. The Rabbitohs could have put Langmack on notice, but to sack him mid-way through his contract shows a complete disrespect for a man who is doing his absolute best with the team put in front of him.

I?m sick of contracts not being rock solid. Jamie Lyon should be playing for Parramatta, Paul Langmack should be coaching South Sydney and Brian Smith shouldn?t be under pressure.

South Sydney got themselves into this situation themselves. They should admit that and not turn it around, implying the reason the club is not succeeding because of Langmack?s poor form. If Langmack didn?t work out, it is only because South Sydney?s board made an incorrect decision in the first place.

Loyalty seems to be going away from the game I love. And I don?t like it.