Orford Upbeat, Awaiting Further

Melbourne Storm halfback Matt Orford is remaining positive despite the uncertainty of his short-term playing career, due to swelling of the brain diagnosed late last week.

After collapsing at a Storm training season just over a week ago, the 25-year-old was originally diagnosed with an inner-ear infection, but when the problem failed to clear up, club doctors forced Orford to undergo an MRI scan.

Tests revealed swelling of the lower brain, or cerebellum, to be the problem and the star halfback must now wait until Thursday before finding out when he can return to fulltime training.

?Clearly it was a shock when I was first told of the news but since then I?ve felt quite good,? Orford said.

?There?s no point in worrying too much until I?ve had some more tests done.

?I?ve been feeling pretty good this week, I?ve had the odd headache and still haven?t felt completely right but overall my condition hasn?t been too bad.

?I?ve been restricted in what I can and can?t do training-wise, but taking a cautious approach is the only thing to do until we can find out the full story.?

The Storm?s all-time leading pointscorer has been inundated with cards and letters of encouragement since the news of his condition broke last week.

Orford is confident he can return to football sooner rather than later, particularly with the Storm having a week off before its first premiership match (Sunday March 21 against Newcastle) due to the bye this week.

?Obviously I will know more once I see the neurologist on Thursday but until then I really don?t know how serious the problem is,? Orford added.

?Different people are telling me different things so I?ve resigned myself to the fact that the only way I?ll really know is by having some more tests done.

?The club medical staff are confident the problem will settle down and because we?ve got the bye this weekend, it has given me that little bit more time to be ready for our fist game of the year.?

Meanwhile Robbie Ross and Steven Bell are the only other players in doubt for Melbourne?s clash with the Knights.

Both Ross (bulging disc) and Bell (stress fractures) have been severely restricted in their training over the past two weeks due to ongoing injury.