Origin 2 Almost A Sellout

Next Wednesday?s Harvey Norman State of Origin match brought to you by Philips at Telstra Stadium is a virtual sell out with just 94 ?single? tickets left for sale in the 80,000 seat stadium.

The 94 seats are spread across the Stadium and it is simply not possible at this stage to buy two or more seats next to each other.

The Queensland Rugby League has also revealed that ticket sales for the third match at Suncorp Stadium on July 16 are also close to a ?sell out?. Only around 2,000 seats with some ?sight-line? restrictions remain and these will be offered for sale tomorrow through Ticketek.

?It?s a tremendous result for the game and testimony to the brilliant football on display by these two teams,? ARL Chairman, Mr Colin Love, said today.

?Origin holds an incredibly dominant position in Australia?s sporting scene and even other sports acknowledge the unique mix of passion and skill that it generates.

?There?s a tremendous sense of anticipation building around the match at Telstra Stadium and I?m sure any fan that can get their hands on one of the few ?singles? available will be keen to do so.?

Already organisers and transport officials are urging fans to plan their trip to Telstra Stadium in advance and avoid being caught in the commuter ?peak-hour? rush.

Special event buses and trains will be operating and further information on these can be accessed via the Transport Information Line on 131500.