Origin draws are no more

The Australian Rugby League Board announced this afternoon that this year's State of Origin series will be played under National Rugby League rules, rather than international rules.

Website abc.net.au reports that golden point extra time will break any deadlocked the 2008 State of Origin series - and play will continue until someone scores.

But while extra time is limited in the NRL, the second period of extra time in Origin will continue until the winning points are scored - eliminating any prospect of a draw.

"The Board considered the fact the NRL is using experimental laws in the 2008 season and as both Origin teams are full of NRL players and the game is refereed by NRL match officials, it would be the appropriate way to go," ARL chief executive Geoff Carr said in a statement.

"This is consistent with previous years where State of Origin has been played under the rules used by the National Rugby League."

The decision to adopt NRL rules also means the series will feature 10 interchanges for each team.

Two additional interchanges are allowed during the golden point period.

The Queensland and New South Wales teams for the opening encounter will be named tomorrow.

The series kicks off next Wednesday evening in Sydney.