Panthers claim golden point win

The Penrith Panthers have claimed golden point victory over the St. George Illawarra Dragons 13-12 in front of 10,367 at Centrebet Stadium.

A one-point win tonight sees the Panthers get their first home ground victory of the 2012 NRL season.

The Panthers, after an 18 minute mid-field battle, claimed first points as Ryan Simpkins linked with Kevin Kingston to crash over. Travis Burns with the conversion attempt made it 6-0.

Kevin Kingston was in the action four minutes later with a solo dart from dummy half to get the Panthers second four-pointer. Burns with the conversion brought up the Penrith half time lead, 12-0.

The tide turned in favour of the Dragons late in the second half with two unanswered tries scored. Jake Marketo made the most of his first grade opportunity as he powered his way through the defence to grab points. Kyle Stanley with the kicking duties as Jamie Soward was ruled out pre-game. With 15 minutes to play, the Panthers led 12-6.

After many chances at the Panthers line, Mitch Rein capitalised on the possession and dive out from acting half to score. The Dragons locked the game at 12-all with Stanley's conversion.

The clock continued to tick away and field goal attempts were aplenty, however at the end of 80 minutes both sides locked at 12-all. A toss of the coin later and golden point extra time was underway.

A penalty to the Panthers marched them up field and gave them prime field position to steal the victory. Lachlan Coote, 20 metres out, launched the ball with a drop goal and nailed the field goal. The Panthers after a 12-0 lead at half time, closed victors 13-12 over the Dragons in a golden point thriller.

A tough road-trip lay ahead for the Panthers as they head north to Dairy Farmers Stadium to face the Cowboys. Meanwhile the Dragons return to WIN Jubilee Oval to host the South Sydney Rabbitohs.

Match Details
Penrith Panthers 13 defeated St George Illawarra Dragons 12
National Rugby League - Round 10 - Monday May 14, 2012 7:00pm
Venue: Centrebet Stadium, Penrith
Referee: Gerard Sutton and Tony De Las Heras
Video Referee: Paul Mellor
Touch Judges: Ricky MacFarlane and Brenden Wood
Crowd: 10, 367
Halftime: Penrith Panthers 12 St George Illawarra Dragons 0 players of the match:
3 Points - Lachlan Coote (1 Field Goal)
2 Points - Blake Austin (2 Conversions)
1 Point - Kevin Kingston (1 Try)

Tries: Kevin Kingston, Ryan Simpkins
Field Goals: Travis Burns (0/1), Lachlan Coote (1/2), Blake Austin (0/1)
Conversions: Blake Austin (2/2)

Tries: Jake Marketo, Mitchell Rein
Field Goals: Ben Hornby (0/1)
Conversions: Kyle Stanley (2/2) Live Commentary Welcome League Fans to Monday Night Football LIVE at Centrebet Stadium as the Penrith Panthers host the St. George Illawarra Dragons.

Big news for the Dragons, Jamie Soward has been ruled OUT. As a result Nathan Fien comes in to play 5/8th. Atelea Vea gets a start for the first time in Dragons colours, Trent Merrin moves to the bench.

Meanwhile for the Penrith Panthers just the one change. Cameron Ciraldo is out, with Chris Armit in.
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Earlier tonight in Toyota Cup, the Penrith Panthers scored on the full time siren to steal the game over the Dragons 20-18
Both sides walking out of the tunnel at Centrebet Stadium ahead of kick off.
1 min: We are UNDERWAY! The Penrith Panthers kick us off, Dragons with the first set.
2 min: Both teams completed their sets without error. Big kicks from both teams to end their sets. Jason Nightingale taking the bomb and returning to the line.
3 min: KNOCK ON! The Panthers on the attack inside the Dragons 10 metre line with Brett Morris knocking on. Zero tackle panthers.
4 min: The Panthers denied for a FORWARD PASS the touch judge on the mark to call it. The Panthers with great expansion play almost coming up with points.
4 min: Not helping their cause Panthers as they give away a penalty to the Dragons for laying in the ruck. Free kick taken and they attack on their own 40 metre line.
5 min: KNOCK ON! Dan Hunt in the contest of the tackle lost the ball. Panthers have it on their 40 metre line on the zero tackle.
6 min: Lachlan Coote running the ball through the line, great stuff from the Panthers. However a knock on has seen the ball with the Dragons through the hands of Brett Morris.
7 min: Matt Cooper on the last tackle looked for the goal line through a hole but lost it backwards and the Panthers dive on it.
8 min: Kick from the Panthers on the last sat up in goal for Brett Morris to return it to his 10 metre line for the Dragons.
9 min: Atelea Vea has been denied a try after great lead up work from Jason Nightingale. However last pass ruled forward. And not helping the cause with a penalty for holding back in the ruck.
10 min: KNOCK ON! Ryan Simpkins in the tackle of Weyman unable to hold on to the ball. Scrum feed pack for the Dragons on the Panthers 40 metre line.
12 min: Etuate Uaisele forced to play at the ball and knocked it dead. Nathan Fien's kick good on the last tackle to get his side a line drop out.
13 min: Penalty to the Dragons for the Panthers being offside on the goal line. Quick tap taken.
13 min: KNOCK ON! Ben Hornby has looked to spread the ball wide quickly from the penalty tap, but unable to hold the ball. That is the 9th error of the match. Panthers's defence lucky to concede points, scrum feed packs for them on their 10 metre line.
14 min: Penalty with the Panthers now for Michael Weyman coming into the tackle after the held call. Free kick taken and they march up into the Dragons half.
15 min: Video Referee Decision for the Panthers, possible try for Geoff Daniela.
15 min: NO TRY! Geoff Daniela denied points as Daniel Vidot managed to ground the ball after knocking the ball towards the dead ball line. As a result the Panthers earn a line drop out.
17 min: Video Referee Decision for the Panthers, looking for the grounding the corner. Burns with a great kick to the corner.
17 min: NO TRY! again for the Panthers. Daniel Vidot forced it dead and the Panthers get another line drop out.
18 min: Another Video Referee Decision for the Panthers, possible try for Ryan Simpkins
18 min: TRY
TRY! Penrith Panthers After repeat sets, Kevin Kingston from dummy half linked with Ryan Simpkins who went though a hole to score the first points. The Panthers get first points, Travis Burns with the conversion from in front of the posts adds the extras.
Penrith Panthers 6-0
20 min: After the try the Dragons giving away a penalty for laying in the ruck. Massive kick upfield from the Panthers. They attack inside the Dragons halfway line.
22 min: TRY
TRY! Penrith Panthers
Kevin "The Biscuit" Kingston darted out of dummy half to step through the defence and score under the posts. Great work from the hooker, Panthers with the conversion extend to two converted try lead.
Penrith Panthers 12-0
24 min: With the high error count from the Dragons, Last 10 minutes possession: Panthers 99% Dragons 1%
25 min: Travis Burns with a rushed kick as the pressure mounted on him from Ben Creagh. The kick rolling dead, the Dragons getting a quick 20 metre tap.
26 min: End to end stuff. The Dragons' kick rolling dead as well as the Panthers return it to their 20 metre line for the restart.
26 min: KNOCK ON! The call against the Dragons, time off here with Travis Burns on the ground.
27 min: The video referee has had his say in the mistake and a change in the call, the Panthers give up possession. Dragons with the scrum feed.
27 min: Penalty against Josh Mansour for a dangerous tackle on Brett Morris. He wasn't put on report, just a penalty given.
28 min: Another penalty to the Dragons for the Panthers being not square at the ruck. Massive chance for points on the Panthers goal line.
29 min: Mitch Rein dummied and darted from acting half but held up over the goal line. 4th tackle for the Dragons 10 metres out from the line.
29 min: Poor kick on the last tackle from the Dragons, great defence from the panthers to force them off the line.
30 min: Panthers lost their way on the last tackle and confusion in the play. A simply change of hands with possession with a change over on the halfway line for the Dragons.
31 min: Time off here with Lachlan Coote down after being collected Ben Hornby at the take of the kick. However Josh Mansour taken in goal and give the Dragons a line drop out.
32 min: Penalty for the Dragons for a strip in front of the posts.
32 min: A knock on from the Dragons gives up possession. Panthers great defence and they earn a scrum feed on the 30 metre line.
34 min: Beautiful kick from Brett Morris at the back under pressure. The kick from Travis Burns on the last tackle for the panthers was a good one. The Dragons run off their feet as they attack 10 metres out.
34 min: Penalty to the Dragons with the Panthers holding down too long in the tackle. Time off here with Dean Young down in back play.
35 min: Time back on and the Dragons take the free kick following the penalty as the attack 30 metres out from the Panthers line.
36 min: Intercepted by the Panthers and they earn a penalty. The kick taken and a chance for the panthers before half time.
37 min: Travis Burns with kick on the last to the in goal area. Daniel Vidot took it and got caught. Panthers get a line drop out.
38 min: Nathan Fien forced to take the ball dead and gives the Panthers another chance before the break through a line drop out.
40 min: The Panthers unable to get to the line as they cough up the ball to the Dragons.
40 min: At half time the Panthers 12 lead the Dragons 0. The Panthers defence has been quite good to hold out the Dragons. The Dragons had many repeat sets on the goal line but was unable to convert them into points.
Both sides returning for the second half. The Panthers are one of two teams yet to have a home win in the 2012 season. They will look to change that with a 12 point lead over the Dragons.

There is no injury news at half time, Michael Weyman did come off late first half however it wasn't a groin-injury flare up. In fact an issue with his hip, but he takes his spot for the second half.
41 min: The men in pink blow time on and we are a go for the second half.
42 min: First penalty of the second half. Penrith Panthers get the penalty for laying in the ruck too long. The Panthers have the ball and attack on half way
43 min: Brett Morris under a load of pressure was forced back in goal as he grounded the ball on the whitewash. Blake Austin in great covering defence gets his side another line drop out.
44 min: KNOCOK ON! The Panthers quick hands looked for points, however The ball going into the shoulder of Ben Hornby. Dragons hold on and get a scrum feed.
46 min: Outstanding defence from the Panthers strong as Kyle Stanley was forced into touch. They get themselves a scrum feed.
47 min: Josh Mansour raced down the touch, however he wasn't unable to get to the in goal area and going and end over the sideline. The Dragons get the change over 10 metres out from their line.
49 min: Video Referee is being called on with Josh Mansour and Michael Weyman down as the time has been called off.
49 min: Michael Weyman is being assisted off the field by the trainers. His knee gave way under him as he tried to step. Play continues meanwhile with the Panthers attacking 40 metres from the Dragons line.
50 min: Penalty to the Dragons for Daniel Vidot being forced back into the in goal area. A helpful penalty to get them out of their red zone.
51 min: The Dragons can't get a break, Jeremy Lattimore offloaded the ball on the last tackle and the Panthers dived on the ball.
51 min: KNOCK ON! Some miscommunication between Hunt and Merrin and a knock on against them. The Panthers get a scrum feed on halfway.
52 min: Video Referee Decision for the Panthers, possible try here.
53 min: NO TRY! Etuate Uaisele ruled to have knocked on, the ball bouncing towards his goal line. The Panthers almost put the game to bed with that play. However the Dragons get the change over on their 10 metre line.
Crowd attendance tonight at Centrebet Stadium: 10,367
56 min: The Dragons kick the ball downfield, a poor option as it rolls dead. Panthers get a 20 metre tap.
57 min: Matt Robinson on the last tackle unsure what to do on the last play as he was taken to ground. Not many first grade games so lacked the experience to come up with a play. The Dragons get the ball on the change over. And also get a helpful penalty to march upfield.
59 min: Josh Mansour forced the ball dead on the back of a Brett Morris grubber kick. A line drop out for the Dragons now.
61 min: KNOCK ON! The Dragons looked to get some quick hands play on but unable to get started with Mitch Rein taking a half grab at the ball and knocking on. The Panthers holding a 12 point lead as they get a scrum feed on their 20 metre line.
62 min: Great chance for the Dragons with a kick to the in goal area. However no points, but they earn a line drop out.
64 min: Another chance for the Dragons inside the Panthers 20 metre line. The ball off the Panthers and ruled played out. The Dragons get a scrum feed.
65 min: TRY
TRY! Dragons
Jake Marketo busted the line and powered his way over the line through the shirt grabs of the Panthers defence. Kyle Stanley with the conversion attempt added the extras.
Penrith Panthers 12-6
67 min: Penalty to the Dragons for a strip. Free Kick for them as they attack just inside the halfway line.
68 min: KNOCK ON! Brett Morris with a cut out ball hit Etu Uaisele and went dead. Dragons get a scrum feed 40 metres out from the line.
69 min: Etuate Uaisele under the high ball wonderful to take it in goal. The Dragons with great hands, they should of scored. But the Panthers work it from a 20 metre tap.
Travis Burns with a snap attempt at field goal missed the left of the uprights. The Dragons with the miss get a 20 metre tap
Penrith Panthers 12-6
71 min: Kyle Stanley coming down with the ball on the last, he offloaded the ball but the Dragons wrapped up with the ball 10 metre out. The Panthers get the change over.
73 min: Penalty to the Dragons on the Panthers goal line for a strip. Dayne Weston had a hand on the ball and forced it. Massive chance to lock the game with points here.
74 min: TRY
TRY! Dragons
Mitch Rein out of dummy half darted to the line and claimed the equaliser. And Kyle Stanley with the conversion added the extras.
12 all
76 min: Almost a beautiful play from the Dragons, The kick from Hornby pin point to the in goal area. But the Dragons defence had a second dig at the Lachlan Coote and gave away a penalty for forcing him in goal. The panthers with it 25 metres from their line.
That was a terrible kick attempt from Coote, he was 51 metres out and the Dragons come up with it on halfway.
12 all
79 min: The Dragons lack of talk have failed to go for the field goal. The Dragons went the short side but Ben Hornby in the middle of the field was screaming for the ball.
79 min: Penalty to the Panthers. They have chance for field goal with 40 metre out.
FIELD GOAL ATTEMPT FROM AUSTIN IS MISSED! He stabbed it 35 metres out and missed!
12 all
80 min: The siren sounds and we are going to GOLDEN POINT. The Dragons win the toss and get the first use of the ball.
81 min: First set from the Dragons ended on halfway, Ben Hornby kicked it downfield and taken on the full by the Panthers 15 metres from their line.
82 min: Not the best of kicks from Kevin Kingston. The Dragon have the ball 35 metres out from their line. no attempts at field goal yet.
Hornby 35 metres from the line has hooked the field attempt. The Panthers have the ball with a 20 metre tap.
12 all
83 min: Penalty to the Panthers. Massive kick downfield. They have shot at goal 20 metres from the goal line.
83 min: FIELD GOAL
FIELD GOAL! Panthers From the penalty, Lachlan Coote 20 metres out stabs the field goal and wins the game for the PANTHERS!
Penrith Panthers 13-12

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