Panthers smash Sea Eagles 72-12 in

The Penrith Panthers have handed out a footballing lesson to the Manly Sea Eagles racking up a 72-12 cricket score at Penrith Stadium tonight.

With Craig Gower calling the shots, the Panthers went from strength-to-strength, attacking at every opportunity while their opponents continually failed to get off their line.

At half time, Penrith held a more than handy 30-12 lead.

The second half was a carve-up as the Panthers posted 42 unanswered points with Amos Roberts recording a personal tally of 28 points.

Scorers: PANTHERS 72 Tries: Wesser 3, Lewis 2, Faaoso 2, Roberts 2, Gower, Galea, Campbell, Whatuira Goals: Roberts 10/13 defeated SEA EAGLES 12 Tries: Randall, Dunley Goals: Walker 2/2

Penrith Football Stadium Referee: Jason Robinson Video Referee: Mick Stone Touch Judges: David Abood, Steve Nash

By the clock: 0 min: Cool evening in Penrith with the Panthers as per the card. For Manly, Brett Stewart is out and Andrew Walker is moving from five-eighth to fullback. Kickoff!

6 min: TRY - Panthers. Amos Roberts scores and lines up to convert his own try but is unsuccessful. Panthers 4-0

10 min: TRY - Sea Eagles. Chad Randall crashes over in good position. Conversion Andrew Walker. Sea Eagles 6-4

15 min: TRY - Panthers. Craig Gower scores 15m in from touch. Conversion misses. Panthers 8-6

20 min: TRY - Panthers. Luke Lewis scores. Amos Roberts conversion is spot on. Panthers 14-6

26 min: TRY - Panthers. Rhys Wesser chimes in on the burst to score in good position. Conversion Roberts. Panthers 20-6

30 min: TRY - Sea Eagles. Shayne Dunley scores against the run of play. Conversion from Walker is OK. Panthers 20-12

36 min: TRY - Panthers. Lewis gets a double. Conversion unsuccessful. Pnathers 24-12

39 min: TRY - Panthers. Wesser gets a double. Conversion to Roberts. Panthers 30-12

HALF TIME SUMMARY: Panthers are dominating possession and the scoreline indicates that they'll go on with it. Manly haven't been playing that bad and have generally been completing their sets, but are struggling to gain possession at crucial periods.

Second half underway...

44 min: TRY - Panthers. Rhys Wesser has completed his hat trick. Conversion Roberts. Panthers 36-12

48 min: TRY - Panthers. Danny Galea scores. Conversion Roberts. Panthers 42-12

50 min: TRY - Panthers. Richard Faaoso scores as the Panthers make hay while the sun shines. Conversion Roberts. Panthers 48-12

56 min: TRY - Panthers. Preston Campbell scores. Conversion OK. Panthers 54-12

69 min: TRY - Panthers. Paul Whatuira scores as the Panthers aim for 70+. Conversion Roberts. Panthers 60-12

73 min: TRY - Panthers. Faaoso gets a double. Roberts converts. Panthers 66-12

76 min: TRY - Panthers. Amos Roberts capping off a great night with a double. Conversion OK. Panthers 72-12

FULL TIME SUMMARY: A cricket score to the Panthers who smashed the Sea Eagles in the second half. Highlight of the match was Amos Roberts who posted a personal tally of 28 points. Manly too woeful for words.

----------------------------------------- players of the match: 3 - A Roberts (Panthers) 2 - C Gower (Panthers) 1 - J Clinton (Panthers) -----------------------------------------