Panthers take down ill-disciplined Titans

In a scrappy game at Skilled Park, the Penrith Panthers got up to defeat the Titans 23-10 in front of the 12,262 Gold Coast crowd tonight.

The first half was started well by the home side desperate to move out of their bottom spot on the NRL ladder. Gold Coast took an early lead after they were awarded a penalty to put them in attacking range and Prince's boot did the lead up work for Mead to leap above the pack in the fifth minute and give the Titans an early lead.

Panthers needed only field position to put them in front, levelling in the fouteenth minute with a try to winger Michael Jennings. From there, Gold Coast started shooting themselves in the foot, failing to complete sets with error after error before Penrith capitalised and took the lead in the 25th minute with a try to hooke Kingston, this converted by Burns to give Penrith a 10-4 lead tehy took to half time.

The titans took some momentum into the interval pushing at the Panthers' line with some solid attacking plays.  They kept the momentum running when the second 40 began and converted it into points in the forty third minute with a try to Preston Campbell off a little grubber in goal to himself.  Prince's boot added the extras to level the scores.

From there the gold Coast Titans continued to shoot themselves in the foot with unforced errors and penalties until the Panthers were back in front. Penrith reclaimed the lead in the fifty forth minute with a try to Purtell off a Civoniceva line break. Although the scoreboard suggested that the the titans remained in the game only 6 points down, Gold Coast's inability to complete a set assured otherwise.

Penrith finally put the game all but beyond doubt in the seventy second minute when Luke Walsh landed a field goal to put them more than a converted try in front.  The Titans weren't done receding coach John Cartright's hairline after going on one last attacking raid before dropping ball and giving Penrith the opportunity they needed to put one last try on the board through Travis Burns collecting a Walsh boot to put six final points on a give Penrith the 23 - 10 victory.

Match Details
Gold Coast Titans 10 were defeated by Penrith Panthers 23
National Rugby League - Round 13 - Saturday June 4, 2011 5:30pm
Venue: Skilled Park
Referee: Tony Archer and Luke Phillips
Video Referee: Phil Cooley
Touch Judges: Adam Reid and Clayton Sharpe
Crowd: 12,262
Halftime: Gold Coast Titans 4 Penrith Panthers 10

Tries: Preston Campbell, David Mead
Conversions: Scott Prince (1/2)

Tries: Travis Burns, Adrian Purtell, Michael Jennings, Kevin Kingston
Field Goals: Luke Walsh (1/1)
Conversions: Travis Burns (3/3), Luke Walsh (0/1) Live Commentary Good Evening and welcome to Skilled Park on the Gold Coast for this bottom of the table round 13 clash between the Penrith Panthers and the Gold Coast Titans. The home side took out the Toyota Cup curtain raiser by a single point, defeating the Titans 11-10. TEAM NEWS: for the Titans Esi Tonga is out which will cause a reshuffle in the backline with Preston Campbell starting from the bench, Zillman moveing to fullback and Clinton Toopi in jumper 21 joining Thompson in the centres. Bird will replace Zillman in the five eighth position and Tagatese will move from the bench to Bird's vacated starting second row position. Panthers will start 1 - 13 but the bench will be MAtthew Bell in jumper 15, Dayne Weston in 17, Masada Iosefa in 18 and Tim Grant in 19.
1 min: Game on.
3 min: PENALTY to the Panthers early against Harrison for holding on too long giving the Panthers a good attacking opportunity.
5 min: PENALTY to the Titans who regain possession and are helped with a penalty to help them up field.
5 min: VIDEO REFEREE for a possible Gold Coast TRY.
6 min: TRY
TRY to the Titans! David Mead leaps above the pack to take the Prince boot and plant it down to score. Prince's conversion attempt is unsuccessful.
Gold Coast Titans 4-0
9 min: Titans lifted by the try, putting on some good football here now.
11 min: Panthers now attacking the Gold Coast line, but the Gold Coast defence reading it well.
13 min: Panthers getting caught on the last a few times here, not using their last tackle options.
15 min: TRY
TRY to the Panthers! Scott Prince kicks it low, charge down from Waterhouse, regathers it and finds Jennings on his outside who streaks to the tryline to score. Conversion from Walsh unsuccessful.
4 all
18 min: Getting some tit for tat now with both sides fighting for this game.
19 min: PENALTY to the Titans to help them up field.
20 min: Penrith look to have the better go forward here, but the Gold Coast defence is looking enthusiastic.
21 min: Bird knocks on to invite Penrith to some good attacking position.
23 min: Errors starting to hurt the Titans who are inviting Penrith to attack their line with poor ball security.
24 min: VIDEO REFEREE for a possible Penrith TRY.
25 min: TRY
TRY to the Panthers! Kevin Kingston barges over to put Penrith in front. Burns is given the goal kicking duties and converts to give Penrith a six point lead.
Penrith Panthers 10-4
26 min: Luke Walsh with a 40/20 attempt, almost there, but just not big enough and Walsh looking to be in a little bit of trouble.
28 min: Titans kicking game a bit problematic in this half and their last tackle options is causing pain to coach John Cartright.
29 min: Titans have a chance out wide with an altercation in back play causing a weakened defensive line, but the option taken sends it out the sideline.
35 min: Mead collects Jennings in a dash for the line and Titans look sparked to life.
36 min: Great attacking set from the Titans who almost collect a try but have to settle for a repeat set through line drop out.
38 min: Errors each way and titans are still on the attack.
38 min: PENALTY to the titans for a chance to attack from 20 out.
39 min: Titans earn a repeat set and Coote puts huge boot on it.
40 min: The Gold coast momentum is halted by the siren. Half time Panthers lead the Titans 10 - 4.
41 min: Second half under way.
42 min: Gold Coast fighting early in the second half plenty of energy and enthusiasm in their attack.
44 min: TRY Rochdale Hornets (NL2)
TRY to the Titans! Preston Campbell given the ball on the last, puts a little grubber into the in goal for himself which he leaps on to score. Prince converts and scores are level.
10 all
45 min: PENALTY to the Titans for Penrith defenders inside the ten. this to give the Titans a great opportunity to attack.
46 min: Lachlan Coote shepherds the ball over the dead ball line beautifully to earn Penrith a 20 metre tap.
47 min: And Penrith milk a PENALTY for a piggy back up field.
49 min: A mistake from the Titans 10 metres out from their own line and Titans are gifted an opportunity to reclaim the lead.
50 min: Jennings is hurt in back play and struggling to get off the ground.
51 min: Jennings with a right ankle injury being helped on the field by trainers
51 min: Gold Coast squander a 20 metre restart when Bird is ruled to have incorrectly played the ball.
52 min: Jennings has come off the field with that ankle injury.
52 min: Mistake on the last play by the Panthers and Gold Coast have it.
55 min: TRY
Civoniceva breaks through the Gold Coast defence, finds Coote who can't be caught who puts Purtell in to score between the posts. Burns converts.
Penrith Panthers 16-10
57 min: David Simmons carves through, but a wonderful Prince ankle tap stops him in his tracks.
60 min: Coach killing mistakes from the Titans creeping back into their game this to give Penrith possession 20 out from the Gold Coast line.
61 min: Titans helped by a Civoniceva knock on at the line.
63 min: PENALTY against the Titans who are being hurt most of all by their ill discipline.
65 min: More errors from the Titans.
66 min: Confirmation that Jennings will not return to the game and will have scans tomorrow to see the extent of his injury.
68 min: Titans having trouble getting out of their own end, being hurt further by their inability to complete their sets.
69 min: Interception by Greg Bird and Cartright leaves the box to get closer to the side causing him agony.
70 min: Titans lose the ball forward; failing to complete another set.
71 min: Mistake from the Panthers and this should help the Titans find their way inside the Penrith half.
71 min: Another error from the Titans who have not completed a set in a long while.
73 min: FIELD GOAL
Early in the tackle count Walsh sets himself for a close range field goal and slots it nicely.
Penrith Panthers 17-10
75 min: Titans go on the attack and make it to the kick! Good kick from Prince, well chased by Michaels to trap Purtell with it in goal after he catches it in the field of play, earning the Titans a repeat set through a line drop out.
76 min: And the Gold coast attack is ground to halt by another error.
77 min: Great kick by Brad Tighe and Michaels is forced to play it out the sideline giving Penrith a scrum 10 metres out from the Gold coast line.
78 min: Thompson knocks it on in goal almost gifting Penrith a try, but they to knock it on for a Penrith scrum.
80 min: TRY
TRY to the Panthers in the last minute after the Titans goal line defence had done well to keep them out, Walsh put it in the air for Burns to collect it and score and his boots add the extras.
Penrith Panthers 23-10
80 min: Full time hooter rang as Burns was lining up the goal kick and Penrith have taken the game 23 - 10.

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