Panthers young gun cracks a double

The Penrith Panthers have introduced, young gun, Dallin Watene Zelezniak to the NRL as they ground out a 12-6 victory over the Raiders at a rain soaked Sportingbet Stadium.

A brave crowd of 7,667 weathered the conditions as Mother Nature opened the heavens. The wet conditions made ball handling impossible with errors costing both sides possession throughout the match.

Over the past few weeks, the Rugby League community has been rising for Alex McKinnon who sustained a neck fracture in Round 3. The concern immediately rushed to Joel Edwards as he was knocked to ground after heavy contact from Watene Zelezniak. Luckily however, Edwards only sustained a concussion with no issue with his neck.

Mid-way through the first half the Panthers cracked the whitewash first as youngster, Watene Zelezniak scored his first NRL try. Peter Wallace and Dean Whare combined to link with the Panthers winger, Penrith 4-0 leaders.

In the shadows of half time, Josh Mansour was gifted a four-pointer as Jamie Soward placed a floating pass onto his chest. The magical play from the five-eighth in the wet conditions gave the Panthers an 8-0 lead after 40 minutes.

The Raiders posted their only points of the match in the 54th minute as charging front rower, Paul Vaughan finished off a line break from fullback, Anthony Milford. The Raiders made it a 2 point game, 8-6.

Remember the name, Dallin Watene Zelezniak, his speed and skill will see him a future NRL star. The youngster picked up his second try in the final ten minutes as Peter Wallace placed a well weighted kick to the western corner. Penrith extended their lead to 12-6

Soward looked to put the game beyond doubt in the following set from the try, however, his field goal attempt just away from the uprights.

It's credit to the Raiders who kept fighting for points until the full time siren, forcing two line drop outs in the final five minutes. However, it wasn't to be as the Panthers held on to claim a 12-6 victory.

Next week the Panthers will open up Sportingbet Stadium again as they clash with the South Sydney Rabbitohs on Friday Night. While the Raiders return to the Nation's capital when they battle with the Newcastle Knights.

Match Details
Penrith Panthers 12 Canberra Raiders 6
Venue: Sportingbet Stadium Penrith
Crowd: 7667
Halftime Score: Penrith Panthers 8 Canberra Raiders 0 Players of the Match:
3 points - Peter Wallace
2 points - Josh Mansour
1 point - Shaun Fensom

Tries: Dallin Watene Zelezniak (2), Josh Mansour
Field Goals: Jamie Soward (0/1)
Conversions: Matt Moylan (0/2), Jamie Soward (0/1)
Penalty Goals:

Tries: Paul Vaughan
Field Goals:
Conversions: Jarrod Croker (1/1)
Penalty Goals: Live Commentary

LATE MAIL: Raiders -Ā  Sami Sauiluma comes into the side with Bill Tupou ruled out with a hamstring injury. Jarrad Kennedy and Shannon Boyd both ruled out with illness which sees Jake Foster start and Kyle O'Donnell added to the bench.

LATE MAIL: Panthers - Ivan Cleary has announced no changes to the team named on Tuesday. Dallin Watene Zelezniak will make his NRL debut on the wing this afternoon

Welcome to LeagueUnlimited's LIVE COVERAGE from Sportingbet Stadium in Penrith as the Panthers host the Canberra Raiders in the second of three fixtures on Super Saturday. It's NRL Heritage Round so both clubs will be sporting special jerseys to celebrate their history. The Panthers will wear a white and brown kit while the Raiders will dawn a jersey which takes leads from the green machine of the 1990s.

Both teams coming out of the sheds now at Sportingbet Stadium, clouds hanging over the ground but no rain yet. Kick off moments away as the bell echos around Penrith.

1: Jack Wighton completes the first set for the Raiders, Matt Moylan collects at the back and the Panthers begin their set first up on their own 20 metre line.

2: First penalty of the match for a cannonball tackle. Third man in at the legs according to the referee. Jamie Soward finds the sideline and the Panthers march up over halfway

2: Sowards with a bomb to the mouth of the goal posts at the end of the set sees an easy take for Jarrod Croker. The Raiders work it off their goal line for their second set

Dallin Watene Zelezniak makes an unforced error.

Dallin Watene Zelezniak juggles the long pass from Dean Whare and it's dropped. Scrum packs for the Raiders on their own 30 metre line

Jarrod Croker makes an unforced error.

Jarrod Croker unable to take a bullet pass from Jack Wighton. Double knock on ruled as the Panthers attempted to clean up. Scrum for Panthers 10 metres inside Raiders half

6: Time off here with Joel Edwards down knocked out. This doesn't look good for him as the trainers rush on for him.

6: We have an extended delay here in Penrith with Joel Edwards getting stretched off the field after taking heavy contact from Dallin Watene Zelezniak's shoulder in a tackle. The entire Canberra medical staff is on the field assisting for him now.

7: Time is back on as the Raiders come away with possession. Paul Vaughan has come on and replaced Joel Edwards who was stretched off.

8: ON REPORT: Sika Manu is penalised and placed on report for a crusher tackle on Jarrod Croker

10: VIDEO REFEREE for the Panthers, Dallin Watene Zelezniak may have his first NRL try

11: Jarrod Croker ruled to have knocked on and then Peter Wallace followed with a mistake. Scrum for Panthers as Watene Zelezniak has been denied his first NRL try

12: The rain has set in now at Penrith as it belts down. The ball will be like a cake of soap as the conditions worsen.

13: Penalty to the Panthers, Shaun Fensom coming around the top of Matt Moylan high

14: INJURY UPDATE: Joel Edwards has sustained a concussion, no issues with the neck

Shaun Fensom makes an unforced error.

Shaun Fensom fumbles the ball as he tried to play the ball quickly, and you can't do that in wet conditions. Panthers with possession through a scrum feed 30 metres out

Scored by Dallin Watene Zelezniak. Kick to come.

Dallin Watene Zelezniak claims his first NRL try as the Panthers spread across field through Peter Wallace and Dean Whare. Whare held the pass and linked with his winger to score in the corner.

Conversion attempt by Matt Moylan unsuccessful.

Matt Moylan from the eastern sideline in the wet conditions fails to add the extras

Sam McKendry makes an unforced error.

Sam McKendry with a shocking play of the ball in the wet conditions sees the Raiders get a scrum from the kick restart. Canberra attack 30 metres out

20: VIDEO REFEREE for the Raiders, we have a NO TRY. Looking at onside and grounding

20: NO TRY is ruled as Anthony Milford was ruled to have knocked on in the act of scoring. The Panthers will come away with a scrum feed.

Jamie Soward kicks a 40/20.

Jamie Soward with a long kick downfield and nails the 40/20. The Panthers rush downfield to take a quick take but Jamal Idris failed to take it correctly. Panthers 10 metres out

Matt Moylan makes an unforced error.

Matt Moylan with a mistake as he fails to take possession in the wet conditions. Scrum for the Raiders deep in their own half

25: Penalty to the Raiders as the Panthers continued with the tackle. However, the kick for touch from the Raiders failed to find the sideline. But before the Panthers could use it Watene Zelezniak fumbled the ball. So after all that, it's ZERO TACKLE for the Raiders 35 metres out

26: The kick from Terry Campese just rolled dead and Matt Moylan races to the 20 metre line for a quick tap

27: High tackle from Josh Manour on Anthony Milford as he took the Soward kick. It wasn't the best kick on the end of the set as the fullback claimed it easily. The Raiders kick for touch and attack 30 metres off their own try line

29: Penrith earn a penalty for a slow play of the ball release. Panthers with possession just inside their own half

30: Peter Wallace raced in goal to trap Anthony Milford as he cleaned up the beautiful Jamie Soward cross field grubber. But we have time off with Milford getting some attention in goal

30: Play resumes with Milford returning to the Raiders defensive line. Line drop out gets play back underway.

31: VIDEO REFEREE for the Panthers, NO TRY is the call as Jamal Idris slide over after a Mansour mistake

31: NO TRY is ruled as Josh Mansour knocked on in the lead up as he was tackled on the last. Idris denied as the Raiders get a scrum feed inside their own half

32: Raiders earn a penalty for the Panthers caught offside. The Raiders march up over the halfway line.

33: Beautiful pick up by Matt Moylan on the goal line as he cleaned up the grubber from Jack Wighton. Panthers come up with possession deep in their own half

34: Mistake from the Panthers gives the Raiders a crack inside the Panthers 20 metre zone

Josh Mansour makes an unforced error.

Josh Mansour jumped off the defensive line looking for an intercept as he stopped the flick pass from Anthony Milford. However, the wet conditions see him fumble the ball. Scrum for the Raiders 16 metres out

37: KNOCK ON! Dale Tilse has been crunched by James Segeyaro and the ball pops free. Scrum for Panthers

38: Time off here as both teams come racing together. Lewis Brown taking exception to something said

38: Penalty to the Panthers as Lewis Brown received an elbow in the face in the ruck.

Scored by Josh Mansour. Kick to come.

Josh Mansour has charged over in the corner as he took a pin-point floating pass from Jamie Soward. A magical play in the wet conditions as the five-eighth links with his winger.

Conversion attempt by Matt Moylan unsuccessful.

Matt Moylan from the western sideline fails to convert

40: HALF TIME at Sportingbet Stadium in Penrith, the Panthers lead the Raiders 8-0

40: Second half is UNDERWAY as Reece Robinson kicks off for the Raiders as they trail the Panthers by 8 points

41: A loose carry from the Raiders sees the Panthers go on the attack. Matt Allwood coming up with the mistake

42: Line drop out is called for the Raiders as the Panthers place a great grubber kick off the boot from Soward

43: Dallin Watene Zelezniak came flying into the western corner as he raced down the sideline hoping to take a catch of a Peter Wallace kick. Raiders scrum feed as Watene Zelezniak took the ball over the sideline

44: Penalty awarded to the Raiders as the Panthers were caught inside the 10 metres. The Raiders attack 35 metres out after the kick for line from Terry Campese.

45: Penalty to the Panthers as the Raiders continued after the held call. Jamal Idris rushed to offload in goal and Matt Moylan managed to get out of the in goal area. Penrith kick for line and march up to the 30 metre line.

49: Anthony Milford has dropped the ball in the tackle of Jamie Soward as he was forced backwards after taking the kick. Panthers in a prime position with a scrum feed 10 metres out

Elijah Taylor makes an unforced error.

Elijah Taylor hitting and spinning into the Raiders defence and he fumbles the ball.

53: Jamie Soward just misses a 40/20 as he fired it towards the western sideline. Bounces and the Raiders have a scrum feed deep in their own half

Scored by Paul Vaughan. Kick to come.

Paul Vaughan has been awarded a four-pointer as the video referee checked on obstruction as he charged off a short pass from Anthony Milford. Milford split the defence of the Panthers as he bolted 35 metres.

Conversion attempt by Jarrod Croker successful.

Jarrod Croker makes no mistake with the conversion from beside the uprights

Matt Moylan makes an unforced error.

Matt Moylan unable to take a cross field kick from Peter Wallace, knock on is called as the Raiders get a scrum feed in their own half

Josh Mansour makes an unforced error.

Josh Mansour unable to take the short pass from Jamal Idris. Scrum for the Raiders, 30 metres out

65: Peter Wallace stabs a kick downfield, just bounces inside the sideline. Scrum for the Raiders deep in the Panthers half

68: Paul Vaughan has a concern with his shoulder as he went into a tackle. He remains on the field

70: Dean Whare is forced over the sideline as the last tackle play from the Panthers spread to the right of the field. Change over for the Raiders

70: David Shillington has coughed up possession, the wet conditions still making handling a challenge. Panthers attack 10 metres out

Scored by Dallin Watene Zelezniak. Kick to come.

Dallin Watene Zelezniak has his second NRL try as he took a brilliant cross field kick from Peter Wallace and he scores untouched in the corner.

Conversion attempt by Jamie Soward unsuccessful.

Jamie Soward with the conversion attempt from the western sideline is unable to add the extras

Field goal attempt by Jamie Soward unsuccessful.

Jamie Soward with a rushed attempt at field goal on the last tackle, he misses the one-pointer

Matt Moylan makes an unforced error.

Matt Moylan jumping for the catch of the kick, but he fumbles. Scrum for the Raiders 10 metres out from the goal line.

75: Penalty to the Raiders, the Panthers offside on the goal line. The Raiders with a full set 10 metres out

76: Sika Manu is trapped in goal as he cleaned up the grubber. Line drop out for the Panthers, giving the Raiders a repeat set

78: Jamie Soward forces the kick from Campese dead. Another line drop out and the Raiders still with a chance here

79: Adam Docker is penalised. Raiders attack 10 metres out from the Panthers goal line

80: The Raiders unable to crack the Panthers defensive line on the try line. Jamal Idris came up with an intercept which shut down any play as the siren sounded.

80: FULL TIME at Sportingbet Stadium sees the Panthers remain with a 100% winning record at home, defeating the Raiders 12-6 in wet conditions in the west of Sydney.