Parramatta explosive over Manly

The Parramatta Eels have finally claimed their first victory of the season after downing Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles 29-20 at Parramatta Stadium.

The home crowd were in voice for a majority of the game and tonight not a "boo" was heard from the Parramatta faithful. 

Ben Roberts was on his game as he fired a kick into the in-goal to set up Jarryd Hayne for the opening points of the evening. Chris Sandow nailed the conversion to give the homeside a six-point-lead after only five minutes. 

However, the visitors hit back in the 14th minute when the flow of possession started to shift in their favour and Brett Stewart scored off a Steve Matai kick.  Daly Cherry-Evans added the extras to level the score. 

The home side reclaimed the lead only minutes later with Matt Keating muscling his way over the line on the back of a penalty. Sandow's conversion was spot on again to extend the lead to six.

The Eels made it back to back tries only moments later, putting on another four pointer in their next set with rookie Ken Sio strolling over for a try. Sandow added the extras to make the score 18-6 after 28 minutes.

The Eels found their line under attack with only six minutes left in the half after a questionable decision gifted Manly posession. There was certainly no question mark over Anthony Watmough's try however. Cherry-Evans missed the conversion.

The visitors made the most of back-to-back sets after the break, with Jorge Taufua scoring after the Sea-Eagles received two consecutive scrum feeds ten meters out from the Eels' line.  Chaly-Evans continued his shocker with the boot, leaving the Sea-Eagles two-points behind the Eels. 

The defending premiers went from strength to strength as they set their sights on the lead and finally claimed it in the 55th minute when Jamie Buhrer scored. Cherry-Evans' conversion hit posts on the full keeping the Manly lead at 20-18

Man of the match, Ben Roberts' footwork was on display in the 60th minute when he set Jarryd Hayne up for a four-pointer. Sandow's kick was on the mark again to give the Eels a 24-20 lead.

The Parramatta Eels never looked like giving up the lead in the final 20 minutes as they maintained their composure and capitalised on their opportunities. Sandow nailed a penalty goal in the final minutes to make the gap between them a converted try, 26-20.

Manly remained hopeful with five minutes left in the contest, but Sandow put it beyond doubt with an amazing snap field goal to give his side a seven-point-lead.

The fireworks started to fire with two minutes left with as the Eels were awarded a penalty in front of the sticks. Sandow was on the money again as the siren sounded. 

Match Details
Parramatta Eels 29 defeated Manly Sea Eagles 20
National Rugby League - Round 5 - Saturday March 31, 2012 7:30pm
Venue: Parramatta Stadium
Referee: Jared Maxwell and Gavin Reynolds
Video Referee: Pat Reynolds
Touch Judges: Dan Eastwood and Jason Walsh
Crowd: 0
Halftime: Parramatta Eels 18 Manly Sea Eagles 10 players of the match:
3 Points - Chris Sandow (4 Conversions, 2 Penalty Goals, 1 Field Goal)
2 Points - Ben Roberts
1 Point - Jarryd Hayne (2 Tries)

Parramatta Eels (29)
Tries: Jarryd Hayne (2), Matt Keating, Ken Sio
Field Goals: Chris Sandow (1/1)
Conversions: Chris Sandow (4/4)
Penalty Goals: Chris Sandow (2/2)

Manly Sea Eagles (20)
Tries: Brett Stewart, Anthony Watmough, Jamie Buhrer, Jorge Taufua
Conversions: Daly Cherry-Evans (2/4) Live Commentary Good Afternoon, some early news for this clash. Esikeli Tonga will be replaced by Ryan Morgan who gets a call up from the NSW Cup.
It's a good evening to you all, Manly-Warringah travel to Parramatta Stadium to be hosted by the Eels.

Team News coming in for the visitors (Manly) with Jamie Lyon ruled out with Steve Matai (21) replacing him; Michael Oldfield comes out of the side as Jorge Taufau (17) gets a start; Joe Galuvao added to bench.

Confirming the news from earlier, Eels will be without Esi Tonga and he is replaced by Ryan Morgan
. A few positional changes for the Eels, Fuifui Moimoi gets a start with Tim Mannah going back to the bench. Tanielo Lasalo benched with Jo Paulo in the run on side. 1 min: We are underway with the Eels kicking off.
3 min: End to end stuff early with the defence strong in the middle of the park. No mistakes from either side yet.
4 min: Steve Matai opening the line for Manly. Quick attacking set from the Sea Eagles as they attack with three tackles yet on the Eels 40 metre line.
4 min: Blair doing the same and opening up the Manly line, they are quick off the mark to have a set deep in the Manly half.
5 min: TRY Media Mantarays
TRY! Eels
Ben Roberts with a pin-point kick into the in area goal, Jarryd Hayne leaping high to beat the Manly defenders to crash down for first points. Chris Sandow strikes it perfectly.
Parramatta Eels 6-0
9 min: Manly are out on their feet, Eels back to basics with some offloading footy. Ben Roberts breaking the line before the play ended on their 40 metre line.
10 min: Chris Sandow with a great kick into the goals and Fuifui Moimoi the chaser through the line and contesting the ball on Brett Stewart. A knock on against Manly to force a goal line drop out
11 min: Manly escape the raid of the Eels with Manly diving on the ball as there was no dummy half at the ruck.
13 min: Sandow in an attacking position opting for the kick downfield and it goes out in goal to give Manly a 20 metre tap.
14 min: TRY
TRY! Manly
Manly opening up the Eels line with Steve Matai kicking down towards the goal mouth and Brett Stewart collects it and dives over to claim the Manly first four-pointer. Cherry-Evans converts.
6 all
18 min: The Eels turn over the ball to Manly on the last play on the 20 metre line. It's been a contest in the middle third of the field since the Manly try.
20 min: Penalty to the Eels against Anthony Watmough for hand on the ball in the ruck. Parramatta with a big kick to give the Eels the set start on the Manly 30 metre line.
21 min: TRY
TRY! Eels
Matt Keating from close range dives for the line making the Manly side pay for gifting them field position from the penalty. Sandow converts.
Parramatta Eels 12-6
24 min: Penalty to the Manly side against Nathan Hindmarsh, high shot the call. Kick downfield gives them a chance from their 40 metre line.
25 min: KNOCK ON! The short passing game pushed too much, Buhrer trying to pass the quick ball along the line. Eels get and win the scrum feed on have way.
25 min: Manly not helping themselves giving away another Penalty to see them deep in their half.
26 min: TRY
TRY! Eels
Chris Sandow can't do wrong, after the run from MoiMoi which almost saw him crash over. Passing out wide to Ken Sio on the wing and he dives over. Eels on a big roll after another penalty. Sandow from the touchline converts without issue.
Parramatta Eels 18-6
30 min: Parramatta have defended their line after Justin Poore lost it a play into the kick restart after the try. The Manly side throw the pass into touch to the delight of the Eels fans.
34 min: Defence from the Eels has been good, but Cherry-Evans kick downfield was poor and he hasn't been on his game so far.
34 min: Anthony Watmough punched the ball out of the tackle of Matt Keating but the call is for a scrum feed on halfway for the Manly side.
35 min: Video Referee Decision for the Manly side, Watmough claiming one.
35 min: TRY
TRY! Manly
A quick look by the video referee awards the try to Anthony Watmough. A questionable call against the Eels gave the Manly side the set on the line. But Watmough dives on a lose ball which was lost by Jarryd Hayne. Cherry-Evans kick at goal was poor and missed.
Parramatta Eels 18-10
39 min: Penalty Parramatta under the goal posts. They attack with moments before the half time siren.
39 min: Scrum feed packs down for the Manly side, time off and a they have a set 60 metres from the Eels line.
40 min: Manly looked for a line break with a chip and chase over the top. However the ball take by Jarrdy Hayne. Siren sounds has he is brought to ground, Eels leading Manly 18-10
40 min: Back underway in the second half as the Eels will aim to protect and extend their 8 point lead over the Manly Sea Eagles.
42 min: KNOCK ON! Joseph Paulo coming across in cover defence and forces the error from Buhrer. Eels have a scrum feed on halfway.
43 min: Penalty against Steve Matai for being offside, the call from the side line official. Kick for touch taken by Chris Sandow and the Eels on the attack, 20 metres out from the Manly line.
43 min: Kick had too much on it as Ben Roberts aimed for the far corner, Blair racing through but the ball beat him over the touchline.
46 min: A mistake on the second tackle from the Eels, Ben Roberts throwing the long ball straight into touch. Manly with a massive chance at the line to close the 8 point gap.
47 min: Laslaso charging out of the line and knocking it down. Manly get another scrum, 10 metres out and in front of the posts. Manly will use a set play you would think to claim points
48 min: TRY
TRY! Manly
After two scrum feeds , Manly spread it wide to the right side of the field and open the Eels line. Manly closing the gap to two points with the conversion.
Parramatta Eels 18-16
50 min: Matt Balin with a kick on the 4th tackle taken easily by the Eels outside backs on their 20 metre line.
51 min: Willie Tonga found open space with some great footwork, but his offload collected by the Manly side as they attack short of halfway.
52 min: Ryan Morgan coming up with a head clash with his own teammate Mitchell Allgood, blood everywhere but he gets a tape up
53 min: Hayne with a big kick with the Manly defence forced the Eels to kick from their 30 metre line.
54 min: Manly defence is better in the second half as David Williams forces the goal line drop out. This is the opportunity the Manly side need to take the lead.
55 min: TRY
TRY! Manly
The opportunity capitalised on with Jamie Buhrer flying through the line and beating Chris Sandow who was in the centre role. Sandow rolled over the top of. Daly Cherry-Evans kick hits the goal posts and misses.
Manly Sea Eagles 20-18
58 min: KNOCK ON! Nick Skinner as he was brought to ground dropped it in the tackle. Eels with a chance to steal the lead back with a scrum feed 30 metres from the Manly line.
59 min: Eels not able to get a kick on the end of the set, not the best option. Manly with an easy way to work it out of their half without contest.
61 min: TRY Media Mantarays
TRY! Eels
Ben Roberts showing his speed and footwork as his work to cut the ball back on the inside to support in Hayne. Jarryd Hayne raced away to score. Sandow converts
Parramatta Eels 24-20
67 min: Foran's kick not the best as the Eels take it without contest. Foran is coming straight of the field after a collision after the kick.
71 min: Penalty to Eels for Brett Stewart ruled offside. Parramatta wil take a shot fo penalty goal to extend their lead to a converted try.
Penalty GOAL! EelsChris Sandow nails the kick at goal. Their lead is now 6
Parramatta Eels 26-20
74 min: Time off, high shot penalty on Brett Stewart
74 min: Reni Maitua has been placed on report for a high shot on Brett Stewart. They get the penalty and a chance at the line.
75 min: FIELD GOAL
Field Goal EELS!
Chris Sandow plots the field goal to make it a seven point lead.
Parramatta Eels 27-20
78 min: Penalty to the Eels
78 min: Penalty to the Eels
Penalty Goal EELSChris Sandow claims it with penalty goal
Parramatta Eels 29-20
80 min: Full time at Parramatta Stadium, the Eels finally getting a win in the 2012 season. They defeat the Manly Sea Eagles 29-20.

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