Parramatta Pip Pink Panthers

The Parramatta Eels have struck a one point, 19-18, victory over the Pink Panthers at a chilly McGrath Foundation Stadium in front of 15,275 fans.

The Panthers held a penalty count advantage early in the piece which aided their chances at the Eels line. 10 minutes into the contest they capitalised with a green light awarded to Luke Lewis who powered through the tackle of Jarryd Hayne to plant the ball down. Luke Walsh with the conversion added the extras. Panthers 6-0.

Credit to the Parramatta goal line defence as they managed to keep the Panthers at bay despite many attempts to raid the line.

It was some great second phase play from the Eels which saw Ryan Morgan break through two tacklers and raced 55 metres to claim the first blue and gold four-pointer. Luke Burt stuck it nicely to convert as the half time siren sounded. At the break, game locked at 6-all.

For the first 15 minutes of the second half, the Eels were dominate in defence as they forced the Panthers to play out of their own half. 

Truly against the run of play, Etu Uaisele took an intercept pass and streaked away 80 metres to score. Luke Walsh left the field early second half with a shoulder injury saw Blake Austin line up the conversion attempt. Panthers 12-6 after 55 minutes.

The pressure was all but dissolved with the Panthers going back to back off the kick restart. Luke Lewis started the raid with a powerful run off the kick. David Simmons in support found the whitewash to extend the lead to 18-6. 

However, that was the end of the points for the Penrith side as the Eels crafted a hard fought comeback. Man of the match Nathan Hindmarsh stepped up to make a claim for the sky Blue jersey. His effort saw Luke Burt race away claim the first of two unanswered tries. With a quick conversion attempt he closed the gap to six points, 18-12.

Inside the final five minutes, the Eels crossed again to lock the game at 18-all as Jarryd Hayne ran in off a big run from Fuifui Moimoi. 

Both sides were not strangers to golden point clashes as their last start saw the Panthers pip the Eels in golden point after they fought back.

In the final moments of the second half of golden point, Chris Sandow slot the one pointer from 25 metres out to conclude the battle of the West. At the end of 90 minutes, the Eels return to Parramatta with the two points as they defeated the Panthers 19-18.

Looking ahead to Round 17. The Eels open Parramatta Stadium as they host the Newcastle Knights, meanwhile the Penrith Panthers take an inner-city trip to ANZ Stadium when they clash with the South Sydney Rabbitohs.

Match Details
Penrith Panthers 18 were defeated by Parramatta Eels 19
National Rugby League - Round 16 - Saturday June 23, 2012 7:30pm
Venue: McGrath Foundation Stadium Penrith
Referee: Jared Maxwell and Adam Devcich
Video Referee: Phil Cooley
Touch Judges: Russell Turner and Adam Reid
Crowd: 15,275
Halftime: Penrith Panthers 6 Parramatta Eels 6 players of the match:
3 Points - Nathan Hindmarsh
2 Points - Jarryd Hayne (1 Try)
1 Point - Luke Lewis (1 Try)

Penrith Panthers (18)
Tries: Luke Lewis, David Simmons, Etu Uaisele
Field Goals: Lachlan Coote (0/1), Harry Seijka (0/1)
Conversions: Luke Walsh (1/1), Blake Austin (2/2)

Parramatta Eels (19)
Tries: Luke Burt, Jarryd Hayne, Ryan Morgan
Field Goals: Chris Sandow (1/3)
Conversions: Luke Burt (3/3) Live Commentary Big game for both teams here in the Battle of the West - tonight's result will certainly mean the end of finals chances for the losing side.
Changes on both sides of the field ahead of this game, Ben Roberts is OUT for the Eels, replaced by new signing Luke Kelly, with Taulima Tautai dropping off a five-man bench.
For the Panthers, Josh Mansour is out, replaced by David Simmons. Nigel Plum will start, with Dayne Weston dropping back to the bench.
The Eels making their way onto the park here, kick off moments away
1 min: Chris Sandow puts boot to ball and we are UNDERWAY in Penrith, and a penalty starts us off with Tim Mannah not clearing the ruck
2 min: KNOCK ON! A good kick from Luke Walsh to complete the Panthers set after the penalty. However Lachlan Coote under the ball knocking on before Michael Jennings cleaned up to score. BUT it was denied. Eels with it 10 metres out from their own line.
5 min: Penalty against the Eels, Michael Jennings held down in the ruck too long for the referees liking. Panthers on the attack inside the Eels 20 metre line.
6 min: Great cover from Luke Burt as the Eels show good line defence earlier. Burt defused the Luke Walsh grubber. Eels with possession a metre from their line
9 min: Jarryd Hayne ruled to have lost the ball in the tackle, however a penalty given against the Eels for offside. Panthers with another shot at the goal line with a full set inside the Eels 20 metre line.
10 min: Video Referee decision for the Panthers, looking at the grounding for Luke Lewis who was being defenders by Hayne.
10 min: TRY
TRY! Penrith Panthers
Luke Lewis has been awarded the try after a he managed to ground the ball down despite Jarryd Hayne's effort. A lovely waited pass from Harry Siejka on the left side.
Penrith Panthers 6-0
13 min: Change over for the Eels, Luke Burt leaping over the touchline to knock it back, however, it went forward. Panthers hold on and get possession on their 10 metre line.
15 min: Etu Uaisele not ruled to have played at the ball as it found the sideline. As a result the last touch off the hands of the Eels. Scrum feed packs down for the Panthers just inside the halfway line.
17 min: Penalty to the Panthers, Chris Sandow and Ben Smith ruled to have stripped the ball out of the hands of the Panthers player. Free kick taken and they charge to the line from the Eels 20 metre line.
19 min: KNOCK ON! Cheyse Blair looked to take the ball off the boot of Luke Walsh but unable to take the kick clean. Knock on ruled and the Panthers despite a misguided attacking set have another shot at the line.
20 min: Great goal line defence from the Eels again, Jarryd Hayne read the play well and came up with possession next to the posts. Eels attacking deep in their own half
21 min: INTERCHANGE: Justin Poore OFF Mitchell Allgood ON for the Eels
21 min: Another penalty to the Panthers, this count well against the Eels at 5-nothing. Too much commitment in the ruck. Panthers with the set on halfway.
22 min: Hayne in the action again, forced to play at the ball as Luke Walsh put the ball through the line. Panthers earn a line drop out and another chance at the line. Wonderful goal line defence from the Eels despite the number of chances the Panthers have had it's only 6 points to nil
24 min: Jarryd Hayne caught the ball in goal and earn his side a 20 metre tap. Ken Sio took the short pass from Hayne and raced to the line to get the quick tap. Pain for the panthers as they give away their first penalty to the Eels. Offside the ruling as the Panthers not back onside before the 20 metre tap.
26 min: Video Referee for the Eels. Ken Sio claiming on after the Eels get a set in the Panthers 20.
26 min: NO TRY! Ken Sio denied points as Lachlan Coote with an amazing effort to knock the ball free from Sio's hands with his boot. Great effort to save the try. As a result he played at the ball and gave the Eels a line drop out.
26 min: Massive kick from the Panthers forces the Eels to start their set from the line drop out on halfway.
27 min: INTERCEPT! Michael Jennings plucked the ball out of the air, but Chris Sandow was ready and caught him quickly. Panthers on the attack just inside the Eels halfway line.
28 min: Poor pass from the Panthers and Cameron Ciraldo hands over possession to the Eels. They have the zero tackle as they attack out of their 30 metre zone.
29 min: Penalty to the Panthers, first call was a knock on against Dayne Weston as he looked to offload the ball as he was tackled. However, the call changed to a penalty for hands in the ruck after the held call. Count 6-1 Panthers.
30 min: KNOCK ON! Dayne Weston tacking on the line and losing it in the tackle of Moimoi. Eels holding on with their defence. Scrum feed packs down and they work their set starting on their 10 metre line.
32 min: Luke Lewis running the ball and looked to link with his winger in Simmons, however too much on the pass as it went forward. Panthers give up possession again, and to make it worse give away their second penalty to the Eels.
34 min: KNOCK ON! Ben Smith running the ball forward for the Eels and he offloaded to the runner on the inside in Sandow. However, Chris unable to take the ball cleanly and knocks on. Panthers survive after conceding the penalty as they pack down the scrum on their 10 metre line.
36 min: The penalty count evening up a little with the Panthers conceding another for holding down in the ruck. Eels on the attack with a set 40 metre out from the line.
37 min: KNOCK ON! The Eels finally with a good set in the Panthers half and they threw the ball left to right but unable to connect. Final pass into the arms of Ken Sio but he unable to hold it and dropped it cold. Panthers with it on their 10 metre line.
39 min: TRY
TRY! Parramatta Eels
After some great second phase play from the Eels sees Ryan Morgan bust out of two tackles to race 55 metres to claim the first blue and gold points. Luke Burt converts with a nice strike of the ball from out wide.
6 all
40 min: HALF TIME at McGrath Foundation Stadium Penrith: the Eels have fought back into the contest and are locked with the Penrith Panthers 6-all at the break.
Both sides making their way out ahead of the second half here at McGrath Foundation Stadium with the game locked at 6-all
41 min: Luke Walsh strikes it off the tee and we are underway for the second half as Chris Sandow takes the catch.
45 min: Zero tackle for the Panthers with a hand from the Eels getting to the ball. Full set for the Panthers just inside the Eel half.
46 min: KNOCK ON! Harsh call against the Panthers with Geoff Daniela leaping for the ball. Ryan Morgan got a hand to it but not in the eyes of the officials. So after all that, a change over of possession ruled and the Eels have it on their 10 metre line.
49 min: WOW! Lachlan Coote with another try saver punched the ball dead as he firstly slipped over in the attempt to take the ball. Blair was flying through looking to score but the ball rolled dead. As a result the Eels earn a line drop out and another set at the Panthers line.
50 min: The second phase play from Joseph Paulo set up the opportunity for the Eels to find the line, however the quick passes came unstuck with the Panthers coming up with the ball. Meanwhile in back play Luke Walsh is with the trainer with a possible shoulder injury.
51 min: INJURY UPDATE: Luke Walsh has been interchanged off the field with a shoulder injury. He goes straighter up the tunnel. Blake Austin comes into the battle to replace him.
52 min: Great covering defence from the Panthers to save a try as Harry Siejka was ruled to have come up with the ball in goal. Following that the Eels earn a line drop out.
53 min: BANG! A massive run from Tim Mannah off the line drop out as he gains the best part of 15 metres.
55 min: TRY
TRY! Penrith Panthers
Etu Uaisele takes an INTERCEPT pass and streaks away 80 metres to score the Panthers second four-pointer of the night. No Eels chasers came close to him. A try well against the run of play with the Eels commanding with a few repeat sets. With Luke Walsh off the field, Blake Austin lines up the conversion attempt and slots the extras.
Penrith Panthers 12-6
56 min: Luke Lewis taking the ball up and making a break but shut down after 30 metres by Tim Mannah. The Panthers after points are on the attack inside the Eels half.
57 min: TRY
TRY! Penrith Panthers
After the Luke Lewis run off the kick off. The Panthers back it up with great passing short at the line and link together to send David Simmons over under the posts. Blake Austin splits the uprights to extend the lead to 12 points.
Penrith Panthers 18-6
60 min: A mistake from the Eels gives the Panthers possession through a scrum feed just shy of the halfway line.
61 min: Ken Sio earns a penalty with the Panthers holding down in the tackle. Chris Sandow kicks and finds touch. Eels with the ball on their own 30 metre line to start their set.
63 min: Blake Austin under pressure fired the kick out on the full on only the 3rd tackle. As a result the Eels are attacking only 30 metre from the Panthers goal line.
64 min: Wonderful pick up from Lachlan Coote as he ran back on the angle to clean up the kick from the Eels. Panthers start their set 20 metre from their own line.
65 min: TIME OFF! Matt Keating is down cold after a head clash with Nigel Plum. He hasn't moved yet. Trainers with him on the field.
65 min: Matt Keating is being assisted from the field with signs of concussion. Fuifui Moimoi comes onto the field to replace him. Play is back on, Panthers on the last tackle kick high and long downfield.
66 min: Hayne's kick too long off the boot. Lachlan Coote allows it roll dead. Panthers get a 20 metre optional restart.
68 min: TRY
TRY! Parramatta Eels
Nathan Hindmarsh with a strong run breaks the line and links with the inside runner in Luke Burt who steps and races away to score under the posts. Luke Burt with a quick conversion attempt adds the two points. We have game on here, 6 points the difference.
Penrith Panthers 18-12
70 min: Time off! Lachlan Coote is down with a possible ankle injury after making contact with Matt Ryan
70 min: He is okay and plays the ball. Panthers continue their set deep in their own half on the 2nd tackle.
71 min: Lachlan Coote almost collecting the Panthers trainer, but takes it well in the field of play to start the Panthers set a metre out of their line.
72 min: Massive kick from the Panthers which rolls dead. Eels earn a quick tap on the 20 metre line. There is no concern for Luke Lewis who could be only suffering from cramp.
74 min: TRY Media Mantarays
TRY! Parramatta Eels
Nathan Hindmarsh with a great pass to the big Fuifui Moimoi who busted the line and streaked away 30 metres to link up with the faster Jarryd Hayne to touch down under the posts.
18 all
75 min: Jarryd Hayne stabs the kick down field and Coote allows it to roll dead. 20 metre tap for the Panthers. Luke Lewis has been great tonight but he has come off the field and gone up the tunnel.
76 min: Jarryd Hayne creating the second phase play with a big offload to Chris Sandow, he links up with blair on the outside. They will surely look for a field goal in this set.
Chris Sandow taking a shot at the one pointer but it fades away from the posts. no goal. Panthers have it with a 20 metre restart.
18 all
78 min: Zero tackle for the Panthers, attacking 30 metre from the Eels line. Chance to steal it here.
Harry Seijka takes a shot and he misses the attempt at field goal. Eels with the ball on their 20 metre line.
18 all
79 min: 10 seconds to play and the Eels turn over possession. Attacking on half way.
80 min: SIREN SOUNDS! We are going to GOLDEN POINT! LOCKED AT 18-all
80 min: We are going to GOLDEN POINT and the Eels will be kicking off to give the Eels the first use of the Ball.
80 min: We are UNDERWAY in EXTRA TIME here in Penrith. Panthers take the kick in goal and work it to the 10 metre line.
81 min: Great defence from the Eels to hold the Panthers inside the 30 metre line, Harry Siejka forced to kick to on the 30 metre line. Eels running it back to their 40 metre. Chance for the Eels to steal it with their first set in EXTRA TIME.
82 min: Video Referee for the Eels, Ken Sio claiming points before it went dead.
82 min: NO TRY! Ken Sio ruled to have grounded the ball on the dead ball line. Officially red lights and the Panthers hold on and get a 20 metre tap.
83 min: Last tackle and the Panthers caught 5 metres from the Eels line. They will work it from their own goal line.
84 min: Jarryd Hayne kicks it off his 40 metre line and it roll dead. Panthers get a 20 metre tap, 84:02 on the clock
84 min: Time off! 84:53 on the clock, Forward pass called against Michael Jennings despite Simmons streaking down the touchline. Scrum feed for the Eels on half way.
85 min: Chris Sandow runs through the middle of the scrum and the Eels take a shot at field goal but it was terrible under pressure. The ball goes over the sideline and we have half time in this GOLDEN POINT period.
86 min: Lachlan Coote fires the ball down field to get us back UNDERWAY in this second period of GOLDEN POINT.
Last tackle from the Eels, and give it to Chris Sandow and the FIELD GOAL attempt goes to the left of the posts. 86:14 on the clock
18 all
86 min: TIME OFF! Chris Sandow is down with 86:30 on the clock. He has copped and elbow from the Panthers player.
86 min: He is okay and returns to the Eels line. Panthers on the attack on the 2nd tackle and attack on their 40 metre line.
87 min: Early set kick from the Panthers, on the 3rd they fire it downfield to Hayne to takes it on his 10 metre line. 87:08 on the clock.
87 min: A terrible play of the ball from Hayne, play allowed to continue but the Panthers come up with it on their 40 metre line.
88:34 on the clock and Lachlan Coote snaps a shot at the posts for a FIELD GOAL but it's wide. Eels have the ball on their 20 metre line with Hayne returning it.
18 all
89 min: FIELD GOAL
FIELD GOAL! Parramatta Eels
Chris Sandow slots the ONE POINT from 25 metres out and it's OVER! EELS WIN!
Parramatta Eels 19-18

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