Parramatta survive at Suncorp

The Eels are given themselves a glimmer of hope in making the Top 8 by beating the Broncos 16-14 at Suncorp Stadium.

A very intense game by both sides with the Eels a very determined side knowing that with a win they still could make the semi finals when they take on the Panthers in Penrith next Sunday. Every Parramatta team member stood up to be counted. With the loss of Ashley Graham with a broken leg in the 16th minute, they regrouped extremely well.

The Broncos at times handed the ball over with unforced errors but also at times, had the Eels defence stretched to the limits.

The lead in the game changed continuously and the halftime score of 10-10 show just what a battle it was at Suncorp tonight.

With 3 tries a piece and 1 conversion, the game was finally won in the last 10 minutes for the Eels when Dykes and Witt both kicked a field goal each to put the game out of the Broncos grasp.

The Eels now face up to the Penrith Panthers next Sunday at Penrith Stadium. A win would see them in a Top 8 spot. The Broncos having lost 6 games in a row now, will take on the Dragons at Suncorp in Round 26.

Scorers: BRONCOS 14 Tries: McGuire 2, Frawley Goals: De Vere (1/3) defeated by EELS 16 Tries: Moodie 2, Hindmarsh Goals: Witt (2/4), Dykes (1/1)

Saturday 30 August 2003 5:30 PM Suncorp Stadium Referee: Sean Hampstead Video Referee: Eddie Ward

Leagueunlimited players of the match:

3 - A Dykes (Eels) 2 - N Cayless (Eels) 1 - S Webcke (Broncos)

By the clock:

Both teams will be leaving the memories of Round 24 behind them, and look forward to the battle tonight

0 min: KICK OFF!

5th min: NEWS - A mistake by Tallis straight after the kick off gave the Eels excellent field position. A line dropout in their favour but unable to capitalise on the possession. The Broncos defence holding well. No score

10th min: NEWS - Back to back line dropouts in the Eels favour has a few of the Brisbane defenders sucking in the big ones, but holding their line well

15th min: NEWS - The Eels have had the majority of possession but unable to break through the tight defence. A fast and furious pace so far in the match, but no points as yet

17th min: NEWS - Graham ( Eels) stretchered off with a suspected broken leg or ankle. His leg caught wrong in a totally legal tackle by Webcke

17th min: TRY - Moodie for Eels. After the break from the injury to Graham, the Eels play the ball quickly. Hindmarsh is held up by 4 tacklers close to the line but manages to pop the ball out to Moodie who scores in the corner. Witt from the sideline, just misses the conversion. Eels 4-0

23rd min: NEWS - The Broncos have their first line dropout of the match. A flying Carroll on the 3rd tackle is held up right in the corner. The video ref is used to determine the outcome, a 20 metre restart for the Eels who still lead by 4-0

25th min: TRY - McGuire for Broncos. The Broncos hot on attack once more, running the ball. Lockyer taking the ball to the defenders, gets a beauty ball out to McGuire. McGuire reaches out and just pops it on the line. De Vere gets the conversion. Broncos 6-4

29th min: NEWS - Carroll (Broncos) on report for a high shot on Peterson, after Moodie had made a good break

29th min: TRY - Hindmarsh for Eels. The penalty setting up great field position for some quick plays. Hindmarsh is held up over the line but manages to place the ball down with one hand. Witt from 16 metres in, gets the conversion. Eels 10-6

33rd min: TRY - McGuire for Broncos. A mistake by Peterson 30 metres out from the Broncos line gives the home side great field position. Quick plays aided by a Tallis offload, and a Lockyer pass and McGuire gets his second. De Vere with a tough kick from 3 metres in, misses the conversion. 10 all

HALF TIME: Excellent footy by both sides, both on attack and defence. The scoreline indicative of the game so far

41st min: NEWS - Ikin (Broncos) copping a Hindmarsh shoulder accidently on his nose. Currently off the field but may return later in the match

44th min: TRY - Moodie for Eels. A scrum feed for the Eels on their 40 metre mark. Dykes kicks on the first tackle out to his flying winger Moodie. Beautiful set play. De Vere having to turn, had no chance to tackle. Witt from the sideline, just misses the kick. Eels 14-10

49th min: NEWS - The Broncos earn themselves a goal line dropout after driving Prince back behind the line. The fifth tackle option to run nearly pays off for Berrigan but the defence holds

51st min: NEWS - A 40/20 superbly kicked by Dykes for the Eels sets up play. The ball looks to be knocked on in the play but is off an Eels' knee. Moodie gathers the ball well and reaches out to the line is deemed to have dropped it over the line, courtesy of the video ref

53rd min: NEWS - Another mistake by the Broncos on the 1st tackle gifts possession to the Eels in prime position. They say thanks very much and the go forward gets Cayless over the line but held up. Close to scoring yet again, Lyon knocks on, Broncos ball. Eels still lead 14-10

58th min: NEWS - A penalty to the Broncos on their 5th tackle gives them some field position for the 1st time in the second half. Myers is held up over the line, Broncos feed. Another penalty to the Broncos, and Berrigan throws a shocking ball on the 2nd tackle which is out over the touchline

61st min: TRY - Frawley for Broncos. Finally the Broncos keep it together. Lockyer puts a high kick up to the corner which Frawley outjumps Moodie to gather and score. De Vere just misses the difficult conversion. 14 all

70th min: NEWS - A real battle for both sides with the game locked up

70th min: FIELD GOAL - Dykes for Eels. The deadlock is broken with 10 minutes to go. Eels 15-14

75th min: NEWS - The Broncos within field goal range, run it on the last tackle. Tallis running to the line has Lockyer on the inside but fails to see him. Turnover

79th min: FIELD GOAL - Witt for Eels. Clever thinking by Witt so the Broncos can't equalise with a field goal. Eels 16-14

FULL TIME: The Eels survive to still have a chance in the Top 8. The Broncos now lose 6 in a row