Pennant Hills-Cherrybrook Stags
registration days

Want to get fit for 2004? Wanting to play in a park football style competition? Or just want to play League for the first time? Well the Pennant Hills-Cherrybrook Stags registrations for season 2004 are almost here.

The Pennant Hills-Cherrybrook Stags who are based in the North Sydney District Rugby League competition, will be holding registrations on Saturday January 31, February 7 and February 14 at Greenway Oval, Cherrybrook.

The North Sydney competition, unlike most other district Rugby League competitions in the Sydney region is a park football style competition. What does this mean? Well this means clubs are made up of players who want to play Rugby League cause they love playing the sport. It is not a competition dictated by which club has the most money, but rather which club is the most hungry on the day.

The more relaxed attitude to the code means that by wanting to play does not mean signing your life away for the period of competition.

The North Sydney competition is a great way to meet some new people, have a great time, get fit, whilst all playing the Greatest Game of All.

More about the Pennant Hills-Cherrybrook Stags, and online registrations can be done at