Peponis and Gallop comment on last
nights crowd issue

Bulldogs Chairman George Peponis has come out today after an interview with the NRL and commented on that the Bulldogs will be increasing security at both home and away games that involve the Bulldogs.

He was disgusted at the small group of Bulldogs fans who broke the rules last night at Aussie Stadium. Peponis agrees that its has been ?Very drastic times for the Bulldogs?.

Peponis supports the banning of disruptive Bulldogs fans for life in both Bulldogs home and away games and that they will be assisting the police in identifying the disruptive fans.

Peponis insisted all loyal Bulldogs fans to stick by him and the club over these drastic times at the club and that this cloud will blow over them.

He was then followed by NRL C.E.O David Gallop welcoming the media by announcing that what happened last night was unacceptable. Those disruptive fans will be identified and issued life bans from all NRL games.

The NRL?s main issue is to make families feel safe which was not in practice last night, Gallop reaction is that their will be increased security at all Bulldogs game and any other NRL game. He also commented on the NRL introducing under cover security at these NRL events.

Gallops stated that ?If the clubs not accountable for their fans than who is?? he also stated that ?It will be a very drastic step? to expel the Bulldogs from the NRL Competition.

On a side note 2 men were arrested for the fights that occurred at Aussie Stadium last night. While 2 police officers one being a female suffering facial injuries, back and arm injuries and a security guard received a cut to his cheek.

Many have commented on last nights fights to be almost ?English Soccer Like? which is defiantly what these fans lived up to last night. Bulldog fans are prone to crowd violence over the past few years.

Including violent brawls at Belmore in 1997, Bulldog supporters attacking families and commuters on public transport after Bulldogs games. This has then been followed up by weekly brawls in crowds , many Bulldogs fans have stopped attending Bulldogs games while more swarm in to become apart of this ongoing issue.