Pink Panthers run riot over woeful Warriors

The Penrith Panthers have run out winners over the New Zealand Warriors tonight 62-6 at Centrebet Stadium in front of a solid crowd in cold conditions.

The Warriors were never really in the game and the high score line was a very good indication of their terrible discipline and ball handling skills. Penrith on the other hand were excellent and just about everything they touched turned to gold.

The first try of the game came after 16 minutes through a great individual by ex-Warrior Isaac John as he skipped through a number of defenders and extended the arm to put it down for an early 4 pointer. Luke Walsh successfully kicked the diversion and the Panthers were able to get off to an early lead.

Travis Robinson was able to cross over the line only 5 minutes later after the ball went from Isaac John and through the hands of Matt Moylan. Robinson made it to the tryline untouched and Luke Walsh was able to kick the conversion from the sideline flawlessly, taking the Panthers to a two converted try lead.

The Panthers were able to extend the lead further after Lewis Brown took a great opportunity down the blind side to crash over the line. Walsh continued his excellent kicking for the night to take the Panthers out to 3 converted tries in front. A penalty 4 minutes from half time put the Panthers a further two points in front after Walsh slotted yet another goal.

In the dying seconds of the first half, Isaac John was able to cross the line for his second of the night, after a line break from Lewis Brown saw John receive the ball in support to put the ball down to the left of the posts. Luke Walsh continued to rack up the points easily slotting the conversion attempt.

9 minutes after the half time break, James Segeyaro pushed himself over the line from dummy half after some great lead up play from Mose Masoe. Luke Walsh converted the try to effectively end the night for the Warriors.

Just 2 minutes later, in the 51st minute, Isaac John took the ball to the left and threw a pass to Matt Robinson who was steaming through the line and met no resistance on his way to put the ball down for yet another try. Walsh continued his perfect night easily converting.

It was almost 15 minutes before the Panthers were able to crack the Warriors again, with Luke Walsh continuing his fine form on the night to chip over the top of the defensive line for David Simmons to score close to the sideline. The conversion was made successfully.

By this time, the Panthers were destroying the Warriors with every touch of the ball, and when Lewis Brown crossed for his second of the evening, it was no different. Brown chipped the ball over the top of defenders only to see the Warriors get to the ball. There was a fumble in the play and Brown cleaned up the ball to sprint the final 10 metres to score to the side of the posts. It was a brilliant individual effort that was accentuated by Walsh converting yet another try for the night.

In the 69th minute, Captain Kingston was able to get on the end of a messy play and plant the ball as it was deemed that Manu Vatuvei couldn't ground the ball in time. Simmons put the final nail in the coffin 7 minutes later with a chip kick over the top of the defensive line which bounced in the wrong direction for the Warriors players and straight into Isaac John for his 3rd try of the night. Walsh converted both tries to turn this game into a write off for the Warriors.

Manu Vatuvei showed his skill and class when he beat several defenders to score his teams only try in the 78th minute. Ben Henry kicked the conversion to help put the Warriors on the score board for the night but by that time it was all over.

The Warriors turn pink themselves next Sunday when they play at home against the Knights, while the Panthers will take on the Dragons at Kogarah on Saturday evening.

Match Details
Penrith Panthers 62 New Zealand Warriors 6
Venue: Penrith Stadium
Crowd: 9386
Halftime Score: Penrith Panthers 26-0 Players of the Match:
3 points - Lewis Brown
2 points - Luke Walsh
1 point - Isaac John

Tries: Isaac John (3), Travis Robinson, Lewis Brown (2), James Segeyaro, Matt Robinson, David Simmons, Kevin Kingston
Conversions: Luke Walsh (10/10)
Penalty Goals: Luke Walsh (1/1)

Tries: Manu Vatuvei
Conversions: Ben Henry (1/1) Live Commentary

Panthers: 1. Matt Moylan 2. Travis Robinson 3. Lewis Brown 4. Dean Whare 5. David Simmons 6. Isaac John 7. Luke Walsh 8. Nigel Plum 9. Kevin Kingston (C) 10. Tim Grant 11. Sika Manu 12. Matt Robinson 13. Adam Docker
Interchange: 14. James Segeyaro 15. Sam Anderson 16. Mose Masoe 17. Clint Newton

Warriors: 1. Glen Fisiiahi 2. Bill Tupou 3. Ben Henry 4. Carlos Tuimavave 5. Manu Vatuvei 6. Thomas Leuluai 7. Shaun Johnson 8. Sam Rapira 9. Nathan Friend 10. Russell Packer 11. Feleti Mateo 12. Simon Mannering (C) 13. Todd Lowrie
Interchange: 14. Ben Matulino 15. Jacob Lillyman 16. Elijah Taylor 17. Pita Godinet 18. Suaia Matagi
The late mail is in!

The Panthers will run out as named earlier in the week.

For the Warriors, Ben Matulino will start in the run on side, with Sam Rapira on the bench.
We are moments away from kick off at Centrebet Stadium!
The Panthers are looking great in their pink outfits!
Panthers to kick off to the Warriors to get us underway.
Matt Moylan makes an unforced error.
Moylan spills the ball from the bomb from the Warriors first set. Can they capitalise early?
2 min: The Warriors get a bit excited and pass wide but it's gone out. Warriors get the scrum feed as Walsh touched it on the way.
3 min: PENALTY - Grant penalised for playing around in the ruck.
4 min: Leuluai with a short grubber into the in goal but the Panthers have put it out in goal for a drop out.
6 min: The Panthers get the ball for their first set.
6 min: PENALTY - Warriors pinged for offside. Panthers will start their set on the Warriors 40m line.
6 min: Matt Robinson makes good metres for Penrith.
8 min: PENALTY - Docker penalised for running around the back of his own team mates. Warriors will kick for touch and start just before the 50m line.
Carlos Tuimavave makes an unforced error.
Tuimavave passes to the sideline and it'll be a Panthers scrum.
11 min: Johnson with a long kick and it's gone dead in goal for a Panthers 20m restart.
12 min: PENALTY - Lowrie called out for holding down Moylan in the tackle. Panthers about 30m out from the Warriors line.
13 min: 6 more for Penrith as the kick by Walsh bounces off Mateo's legs and the Panthers get it back. Penrith are 10m out from the Warriors line.
14 min: Isaac John in for a try!
Scored by Isaac John. Conversion attempt by Luke Walsh successful.
Isaac John manages to skip hop and jump though the Warrios defence to stretch out for a try after 15 minutes. Walsh nails the conversion.
Penrith Panthers 6-0
17 min: PENALTY - Warriors pulled up for a hand on the ball.
18 min: The ball goes dead in goal off the Warriors and they'll have to drop it out.
18 min: Try to Robinson down the sideline!
Scored by Travis Robinson. Conversion attempt by Luke Walsh successful.
Isaac John with another great play drawing in defenders and getting the ball out to Moylan who passes off to Travis Robinson to sprint to the line for the Panthers second try for the night. Walsh has a tough conversion from the sideline but puts it over the black dot to complete the effort.
Penrith Panthers 12-0
23 min: Simmons makes a break up the middle of the field but there's no support and hes brought down 40m out from his own line.
25 min: Leuluai puts a grubber in and it's over the sideline to give both teams a break. Penrith will get the scrum on their own 10m line.
26 min: Walsh goes for a 40/20 but comes up short. Warriors with the scrum feed 20m out from their own line. Back and forward stuff here from both teams.
27 min: Leuluai with a line break but he's got no support so it cannot continue.
28 min: PENALTY - Whare penalised for taking out Fisiiahi in the air after taking a bomb.
30 min: Walsh with a nice little chip that is cleaned up by the Fish but he is taken back in goal by Panthers defenders. The kick chase there was excellent!
30 min: VIDEO REF - They're going to check for grounding of a possible try for another ex-Warrior Lewis Brown here.
Scored by Lewis Brown. Conversion attempt by Luke Walsh successful.
Lewis Brown crashes over the line from close range down the short side! Walsh nails another one and they're pushing further and further forward.
Penrith Panthers 18-0
33 min: PENALTY - Tuimavave pinged for a strip on Manu.
34 min: Whare with a great flick pass to Simmons to make a break down the line but is pulled up short.
36 min: PENALTY - Warriors pinged for tackling a player without the ball and the Panthers will take the kick at goal from right in front.
Penalty goal attempt by Luke Walsh successful.
Walsh kicks the goal successfully from right in front.
Penrith Panthers 20-0
38 min: PENALTY - Panthers are penalised there but the kick from the Warriors hasn't gone out and Robinson will bring it back.
38 min: Try Isaac John!
Scored by Isaac John. Conversion attempt by Luke Walsh successful.
Lewis Brown with a great effort there to skip through the Warriors defensive line. He passes to Isaac John in support who is down next to the posts for another try before half time. Walsh with an easy conversion.
Penrith Panthers 26-0
40 min: The players are back on the field and the Warriors will kick off.
41 min: Godinet with a break down the middle but is pulled down by Panthers defenders.
Shaun Johnson makes an unforced error.
Johnson goes for the kick but knocks the ball on 20m out from the Panthers line.
44 min: The game is settling into a nice arm wrestle here. The Panthers are down an interchange player already as Sam Anderson is ruled out for the rest of the game.
45 min: PENALTY - Ben Henry pulled up for mucking around in the play the ball.
46 min: Mose Masoe with a great run there and completes it with an offload.
48 min: Mosoe almost in with another great little dash to the line. Segyaro capitalises and is in under the posts!
Scored by James Segeyaro. Conversion attempt by Luke Walsh successful.
James Segeyaro is in for a try as he throws the biggest dummy I have seen to duck under defenders to score for the Panthers. Walsh completes it as any good kicked would and the game has to be out of reach for the Warriors.
Penrith Panthers 32-0
Thomas Leuluai makes an unforced error.
Leuluai offside from the kick off.
49 min: Try time Penrith!
Scored by Matt Robinson. Conversion attempt by Luke Walsh successful.
Matt Robinson steams onto a shot ball from Isaac John and he strolls over the line for a try. Walsh kicks the conversion easier than anything he's already done tonight.
Penrith Panthers 38-0
53 min: Panthers complete another set and are looking great out there. Warriors will be lucky to contain them to 60 if they aren't careful.
Carlos Tuimavave makes an unforced error.
Tuimavave passes to Vatuvei who taps the ball onto the touch judge. Penrith with another set inside the Warriors 50m.
David Simmons makes an unforced error.
The ball comes off Simmons' hand from the bomb. Warriors get out of jail easy there.
57 min: A bomb well taken by the Fish and the Warriors will run the ball out from their own half.
58 min: PENALTY - Friend penalised for laying all over Moylan. Penrith starting the set on the Warriors 40m line.
60 min: Mannering makes a line break but is pulled down by the Pink Panthers.
Carlos Tuimavave makes an unforced error.
Tuimavave gets the ball out wide but knocks it on trying to steady himself. Panthers on the 50m line.
62 min: PENALTY - Dangerous tackle from the Warriors there on a Panthers player.
62 min: Try to Simmons!
Scored by David Simmons. Conversion attempt by Luke Walsh successful.
Luke Walsh having a blinder in the kicking department, chips over the top for Simmons to plant the ball over the line close to the sideline. Needless to say, Walsh belts it over the black dot to take the lead well beyond the Warriors fight back.
Penrith Panthers 44-0
66 min: Try time Penrith! The ex Warriors are running riot!
Scored by Lewis Brown. Conversion attempt by Luke Walsh successful.
Lewis Brown with the grubber kick and it's spilled by Warriors defenders. Brown cleans it up and sprints the last 10m to score his second for the night! Walsh on fire absolutely drills another one through the posts from the sideline. Jamie who?
Penrith Panthers 50-0
68 min: VIDEO REF - 2 chip kicks over the top from the Panthers in the first set after the kick off and it looks like they're in!
68 min: They're looking at Vatuvei's put down. Don't think he got to it.
Scored by Kevin Kingston. Conversion attempt by Luke Walsh successful.
The Captain decides to join in on the try fest getting the ball down after Vatuvei fumbles from the bounce in goal. Walsh slots the goal from in front.
Penrith Panthers 56-0
69 min: PENALTY - Panthers pinged for offside from the Warriors short kick off.
71 min: Warriors almost in but it's been thrown a foot in front of Vatuvei and it's gone out over the line. May have been forward too.
73 min: Tupou with a great run in from the sideline to make it almost to the try line but the balls come loose as he ran towards the line. Unlucky to Tupou, that was classy.
74 min: WOW - John in for his third!
Scored by Isaac John. Conversion attempt by Luke Walsh successful.
Simmons with an expert chip kick over the top gets an extraordinary bounce between 3 Warriors defenders for Isaac John to sprint through to collect to put the ball down over the line for his 3rd of the night.
Penrith Panthers 62-0
77 min: Warriors get the ball back after the short kick off.
78 min: Vatuvei in for a try!
Scored by Manu Vatuvei. Conversion attempt by Ben Henry successful.
Manu Vatuvei takes matters into his own hands and skips through Panthers defenders to score in the corner. Henry kicks the conversion successfully.
Penrith Panthers 62-6
80 min: That's the siren and it's all over. Stay tuned for the match report.