Pink Raiders tune up to punish Parramatta

Their season has been on the line for the past few rounds, however tonight the Canberra Raiders, sporting a pretty-in-pink jersey, helped their chances with a 25-12 defeat of Parramatta in front of good crowd in the cold Nation's Capital.

The Eels started strong in defence however it was to all avail with the Raiders crossing the line in the 7th minute. It was denied by the Video Referee though, the man upstairs ruling a knock on thanks to Jarryd Hayne's good cover defence.

The points started following for the Raiders with 2 tries coming in the opening 40 minutes. Firstly Sam Williams showed off his step, bursting into a hole at the line in the 18th minute. The Raiders backed this up 6 minutes later with Josh McCrone, who much like his halves partner, found some space from the scrum base to show off his speed and collect the four-pointer, then converted by Jarrod Croker.

With 10 minutes before the break, a penalty went to the Raiders, and the count at that point was 4-1. Jarrod Croker opted for the 2 points, the penalty goal successful - although the ball hit the upright and sunk over the cross bar. Going into the break the Raiders led 14-nil.

The Eels needed to find some early possession in the second half, and they did just that, as Matt Keating from dummy half in front of the posts found the line in his barging effort to beat four Raiders defenders. Burt converted and the Eels hitting back trailed just 14-6.

The hard work of the Eels was undone only 5 minutes later, with Glen Buttriss finding a hole for McCrone who again showed his pace, before passing on the outside to Nathan Massey to dive over for his first try at the top level. The momentum was then all with the Raiders until the Eels looked like hitting back in the 65th minute.

On the back of three repeat sets, the Eels were at the Raiders line and managed to find some points. Ben Smith got the outside ball and stepped the soft defensive line of the Raiders to score. An easy kick from Luke Burt saw the Eels drawing closer at 18-12.

The Raiders were looking to seal the win at home and they did so with a field goal from Man of the Match Josh McCrone. The Video Referee brought in to investigate the attempt, and was happy with it. The "Pink Machine" looking to have wrapped it up at 19-12, but they had more points in them.

With 5 minutes remaining, with the Eels on the last, Jarryd Hayne's kick went straight into Sam Williams, deflecting toward the Eels line. Williams with some soccer styling magic, kicked twice through, and the chase was poor from the Parramatta side. Williams bagged the final try of the match - all done from Canberra with a conversion, and on the siren, the Canberra Raiders winning 25-12.

Parramatta host Brisbane next Friday at home in what's sure to be a tough encounter, while Canberra will face a Monday night clash at the SFS against the Sydney Roosters in Round 17.

Match Details
Canberra Raiders 25 defeated Parramatta Eels 12
National Rugby League - Round 16 (Women in League Round) - Saturday June 25, 2011 7:30pm
Venue: Canberra Stadium
Referee: Jared Maxwell and Chris James
Video Referee: Paul Mellor
Touch Judges: Jason Walsh and Gavin Morris
Crowd: 13,457
Halftime: Canberra Raiders 14 Parramatta Eels 0 players of the match:
3 Points - Josh McCrone (1 Try, 1 Field Goal)
2 Points - Sam Williams (2 Tries)
1 Point - Nathan Massey (1 Try)

Tries: Josh McCrone, Sam Williams (2), Nathan Massey
Field Goals: Josh McCrone (1/1)
Conversions: Jarrod Croker (3/4)
Penalty Goals: Jarrod Croker (1/1)

Tries: Ben Smith, Matt Keating
Conversions: Luke Burt (2/2) Live Commentary Good Evening League Fans, this is the fourth match for Round 16 Women in League Round. A no changes for the Eels with Justin Horo added to the bench in 19. For the Raiders. Blake Ferguson moves to the wing with Joel Thompson added to the side in jumper 21.
As we celebrate Women in League, the Raiders will be the Pink Machine...Both sides on park as the Referee's through Jarrod Maxwell get us underway.
1 min: Good opening set from the Eels making it inside the half of the Raiders through a kick. Raiders attacking for their first set on their 20m line.
1 min: Defensive game early from the Eels strong holding the Raiders inside their own half. Eels with the ball inside their own 40 metre line.
2 min: Penalty first up for the Eels. Raiders losing their cool controlling the ruck, too long in the attack from the Raiders. Eels with their first chance at the line only 10metres from the line.
4 min: Foi Foi Moi Moi going the closest to the line from the Eels. Eels spreading it wide in the set at the line. However no points collected. Jarrod Croker saving the day for the Raiders collecting the high ball in the goals for a 20m tap.
5 min: High ball from the Raiders but no points from the Raiders as they were 30m out. The ball hit from the Raiders straight to the awaiting arms of the Eels with Nathan Hindmarsh.
5 min: Eels again spreading it wide, Zero tackle to the call from a Raiders touch.
6 min: David Shillington along with a teammate sandwich Atkins in a tackle to force the knock on. Raiders attacking inside their 40 m line.
6 min: Raiders getting a penalty now for the same issue as the Eels, too long in the ruck for the refs likely. Quick tap taken for the Raiders.
7 min: Video Referee Decision pending for the Raiders. Looking like a try to Thompson.
7 min: NO TRY! Jarryd Hayne flying across the park in covering defence to force the ball out of the arms of Joel Thompson. Video Referee says no try, lose ball in the tackle. The ruling is the Eels knocked the ball out, thus Raiders will get the drop out.
9 min: Raiders getting confused at the line, going left to right and then back to the left in the set. In the end a kick going up for Thompson on the right side of the field. A kick going off the boot over the dead ball line. Eels defence holding strong, as they get the 20m tap.
10 min: Raiders chancing their arm with a kick going down to the line, Eels collect it metres from their line. Injury update with Jocob Loko coming off the field and going up the tunnel.
12 min: Knock on with the Eels, Raiders get their chance to work away from the line. Correction for the Eels, Ryan Morgan has gone up the tunnel and not Jacob Loko.
13 min: On the last Sam Williams creating an opportunity at the line for points with a High bomb, however in the contest, Croker getting a hand to it. Knock on the call although Recee Robinson collected the ball and ran to the line.
13 min: Early Stats: Possession with the Eels 52% to 48% of the Raiders.
14 min: Mistake from the Eels, Raiders back on the attack only 15mtrs from the line.
15 min: Penalty to the Raiders for Joe Picker being tackled without the ball. Quick Tap taken only 5mts from the Eels line.
16 min: Raiders trying to go around the Eels line as they again spreading it across the field. Raiders going close however getting a repeat set as Jarryd Hayne batted the ball dead. Drop out.
17 min: Eels looking ill-discipline. Raiders getting another penalty for Eels having too much in the ruck.
18 min: TRY
TRY! Raiders finally crossing the line on the back of the penalty. Sam Williams showing his step to the Eels defensive line as he found a hole and collected his first NRL try.
Canberra Raiders 6-0
22 min: Raiders collecting the ball off the high kick of the Eels, good defence forcing them to kick inside the 40m line.
23 min: Hayne collecting the ball for the eels and meeting the defensive line of the Raiders.
23 min: Knock on the call from the Eels. The ball going down to ground. Scrum feed to the Raiders.
24 min: TRY
TRY! From the scrum base, much like his halves pairing did only 6 minutes previous. He put the foot down and found some space as Nathan Hindmarsh being out of position from the scrum. Showing his speed and skill found the line. Try converted, and to this point the Eels haven't looked like scoring bar one time with Moi Moi.
Canberra Raiders 12-0
27 min: Josh McCrone going to a short high ball, the ball finding the arms of the eels inside their own 20m line.
27 min: Hayne with a monster kick going straight down the throat of Ferguson. Raiders attack on their 40m line after the Eels line was slow in the chase.
28 min: Jordan Atkins leaping high and collecting the kick of the Raiders. Eels need to find their feet and put pressure on the Raiders. Attacking on their 30m line.
29 min: Another monster kick from Hayne, however the direction is missed as Ferguson collecting it again and running it back to the 40m line.
Penalty to the Raiders for pushing Robinson back down. the Count now at 4-1 with the Raiders. Almost sets 15/17 to the Eels 9/12. With the pressure of the Raiders continuing, they opted to take the 2 points. Amazing kick as a result, the ball hitting the inside post and bouncing off the upright and falling over the cross bar.
Canberra Raiders 14-0
32 min: Raiders having great go forward tonight, they have had all the ball and the Eels are struggling to get out of their own 40 m zone.
33 min: Jarryd Hayne trying to push the pass at the 40m line, and the ball travelled forward and then knocked on as a result from Ben Smith. Raiders with the Scrum feed.
35 min: Raiders looking to score another try. Jarryd Hayne controlling the return using the padding on the posts to his advance.
35 min: Penalty to the Eels Raiders laying in the ruck too long. However from the touch finder it failed to go dead. Raiders with the ball just inside the half of the Eels.
36 min: Luke Burt collected the kick in goals on the full. Running quickly from the goals for a quick 20m tap. However the Raiders ready for the return.
37 min: Another poor play from the Eels, on the last the low grubber kick finding Ferguson who returned the ball easily.
40 min: Eels on the last play chancing their arm, spreading it wide to the left egde to find Atkins, who put the foot down going down the sideline. Jarrod Croker covering the break up. On the siren an attempt at field goal from the Raiders, however it's missed and players off to the shed for the break.
HALFTIME: The Raiders back at home are starting to find their feet with a great opening half of footy. Whilst the eels haven't managed a much ball which has seen them being caught out inside of their own half for most of the much. The issue lies with Hayne's kicking game where on the last his positional kicks wouldn't give them any advantage as Blake Ferguson collecting the ball without any pressure from the chasers of the Eels. Raiders are on top and at this stage look comfortable with their game as Josh McCrone and Sam Williams have been guiding them around the park with Ferguson and Croker leading the outside backs. Finally the stats show the lack of ball for the eels, 19 tackles in the Eels 20m zone compared to 5 in the Raiders.
40 min: TIME ON! Raiders getting the first use of the footy with Luke Burt getting an awkward kick away down field.
41 min: Better defensive set from the Eels to start the 2nd half, as they held the Raiders inside their own 30m line.
42 min: ZERO! Eels back on the attack with Loko going down the line, as Sam Williams trying to save the day throwing the ball back in field for Loko to collect. Before he went into touch he popped it back inside.
43 min: Hayne chips over the top and into touch however the Raiders getting a hand too it. Eels with the scrum.
44 min: Penalty to the Eels. the Chance for the Eels is now as they attack only 10mts from the line.
45 min: TRY
Matt Keating from dummy half in front of the posts finding the line in his barging effort to beat 4 Raiders defenders.
Canberra Raiders 14-6
47 min: Jarryd Hayne with a better kick on the last. Blake Ferguson trapping the ball with his foot on his own goal line. Attacking now are the Raiders from inside their 10m.
48 min: The kick of the Raiders finding the arms of Hayne who has returned the ball up to the 40m line. Eels looking more into this match early into the second half.
49 min: Casey Mcguires kick not the best, finding the arms of Massey on his goal line. However some good defence from the Eels. Moi Moi about to come back on for the Eels. With the Eels down to 16 with Ryan Morgan not returning tonight.
49 min: Casey Mcguires kick not the best, finding the arms of Massey on his goal line. However some good defence from the Eels. Moi Moi about to come back on for the Eels. With the Eels down to 16 with Ryan Morgan not returning tonight.
50 min: TRY
TRY! Raiders hitting back with Glen Buttriss looking for a hole, drew the defence and got a pass to his 5/8th in McCrone as he went for a 20m line. coming to the line threw a ball back on the inside for his fullback in Nathan Massey to dive over the line. From the sideline, Croker missing the goal.
Canberra Raiders 22-6
53 min: Raiders looking like on the ropes, with the Eels spreading the wide and fast ball. all the Eels players involved. Jacob Loko looking for the line to get the ball away to Burt, however Ferguson in covering defence. But in the end no points coming for the Eels. As Croker collected it on the goal line to return it to the Raiders.
56 min: Time off! Video Referee brought in to look at contact between Moi Moi and Shaun Fensom.
56 min: Correction it was the contact between Moi Moi and Brett White. However no evidence of malice from the Raiders. Play on the call.
56 min: Jarryd Hayne with another massive bomb going near the Raiders goal, however no issue from the backs to collect the ball..
57 min: Sam Williams trying to set up something for the Raiders, however nothing being pulled off. The ball rolling dead over the sideline. the Eels with the Scrum feed now inside their own 20m.
58 min: Raiders taking on Moimoi at the line and in the tackle coughing up the ball, Raiders on the ZERO Tackle as they attack and look for the line only 20m out.
59 min: Diving through the line was Massey off the grubber kick off McCrone, however the Eels knocking on and the ball's path altered a little and Massey swinging arms missing the ball. No try, Eels with the ball.
61 min: Another mistake from the youngster. Massey from the play of the ball trying to pick and pass in one motion, knocking on the ball. the Eels on the Raiders 20m line with the scrum feed.
62 min: Interesting call from the Touch Judge. The Eels in their attempt to spread it wide, in the set a hand from Thompson with the knock on. Another scrum to the Eels.
63 min: Penalty to the Eels with a little push from the Raiders in the ruck, forcing Hayne to be missed footed in the play of the ball. Eels attacking with a quick tap.
64 min: TRY
TRY! The Eels on the back of three repeat sets at the Raiders line managing to find some points. Ben Smith getting the outside ball and stepping into the defensive line. Soft defence all in all from the Raiders. Running it closer to the posts to make it easier for his kicker in Burt, who converted it.
Canberra Raiders 18-12
66 min: Beautiful work from Nathan Massey, managing to keep himself in the field of play, from the kick return of the Eels.
67 min: Penalty to the Raiders, strip penalty the call from referee Chris James. Raiders with the ball now inside the Eels half. 2 on 1 strip was the call clearly seen on replay.
68 min: Raiders making a break on the last tackle looking for the line, however a lose carry at the line, and the Eels working it away from their own line.
69 min: Eels completing their set with a kick, the ball bouncing away from Reece Robinson, however the bounce good for his fullback in Massey to collected the ball and returned it.
71 min: Raider making a break up field, and no support for the Raiders, Massey into open space. No Eels in defence. Nathan Hindmarsh the only eel in covering defence.
72 min: Possible field referee decision pending for the Raiders.
72 min: FIELD GOAL
Video Referee Decision happy with the Field goal. No Eels play was in the path of the ball. The kick good from McCrone. the one pointer given.
Canberra Raiders 19-12
74 min: Eels chancing their arm by spreading the ball. Raiders in the end coming up with the ball.
75 min: TRY
TRY! Eels on the last with Hayne, his kick going straight into Williams. The ball going backwards towards the Eels line. Sam Williams hitting ball through soccer style twice, eels chasing but no luck. Converted for his second try.
Canberra Raiders 25-12
77 min: An attempt at 40/20 almost saved by Jarryd Hayne, however taking the ball dead. Scrum feed to the Raiders.
79 min: Looking for the line before he had the ball. The Eels come away with it.
80 min: FULLTIME: The Raiders managing a win at home, in a controlling and strong game the Pink Machine tonight in tune and taking the 2 points over the Eels defeating them 25-12. The Eels make it 5 times they have trailed at home and it's 5 loses now. The Raiders in a good performance.

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