Player movements that are raising eyebrows

Stop the race! It's all over. The New Zealand Warriors club will be runaway winners of the Rove Live "What the...segment" following the outrageous amount of money being paid to Buzz Lightyear, aka Brent Tate. Four hundred thousand a season for a winger! No joke! Four hundred 'K' for a player who thinks he's a centre but isn't, can't kick goals, actually is awful in all facets of kicking, is suss under the highball, has such a dodgy neck that he's forced to wear a Buzz Lightyear shoulder shield and suffers from "ben-creagh syndrome"...won't pass the ball. Mind you with Manu Vatuvei on the outside that could be a good thing.

The fact his current club didn't put up a whimper to keep him suggests he isn't regarded as a marquee player, so why the heck he's been paid marquee dollars beggars belief. His coach Whine Bennett applauded the move across the Tasman such was the blas