Player payments under NRL

In the wake of the Bulldogs salary cap scandal, NRL CEO, David Gallop has warned of tough new rules to ensure the players are actually being paid the amounts the clubs claim they are.

In short, Gallop wants access to the players tax returns as the NRL go into damage control and look to close any loopholes clubs may be exploiting in third party player payments. Gallop also said that if any eventual premiers were found to be in breach of the cap, they would be stripped of their title.

Players association president, Tony Buttefield has given his support to the NRL's foreshadowed sweeping powers and they(the players association) are currently working with the NRL on the best way for the NRL to audit the players salaries.

Gallop has also made all club chief executives sign statutory declarations listing of all payments to their players as the rules are tightened to ensure another Bulldogs scandal raises it's ugly head again. If a cief executive were to falsify records they could face up to four years in prison for the offence.

The NRL initiatives fall into line with most other professional sports and the rules to be put in place would be very similar to the system the AFL currently use.

In a short space of time, David Gallop has managed to achieve what none before him were bold or brave enough to do and that is put a framework in place to save the game from itself and those within it who are self serving and greedy. He has shown the fans are first and foremost and that sweeping changes will be neccessary to ensure the games long term viability and there is no place for those who do not have the games best interests at heart.