Playing Around Part 2

I was with my friends. We went to watch the game and afterwards we went to the club to have a dance.

At the bar we were approached by a man. He was wearing a suit and tie. He said he was from the XXXXX club and asked us what we thought of the game and if we were from around here. We told him it?s always fun in town when the footy is on. We don?t get that many games up here and we?re all footy fans. He asked if we would be interested in meeting the team in the VIP room upstairs. We said yes and he offered us free tickets.

Will HE be there? Will he speak to me and only me? Oh how I yearned for this chance. A chance of freedom a chance to grow...

We had a drink. My friend said that he seemed creepy and that she noticed him giving free passes to other girls. People we knew from school.

At around 9.30pm we went upstairs. My friends were excited and we were happy to have free tickets. We didn?t have enough money to pay to go upstairs and buy drinks but my friend said she?s been up hear before when the other footy team was here last year and that drinks will be free.

We danced in a group and some of the footy players were already dancing and showing off. I wasn?t sure if I liked the vibe.

As soon as I saw him I almost melted. He seemed so much bigger in real life than on the field. I wanted him so bad. To hear his voice and just say my name would be a dream come true. I?m trembling and I don?t know why. I feel so guilty...

He was being a pig. He kept bumping into me even though he was dancing with someone else. She looked at me as if I was doing something wrong even though I was just minding my own business.

I was walking back to the table when the song finished and I felt someone grabbing me by the elbow. I was swung around. I almost slipped then he held me up to him tightly so I wouldn?t fall. I think he did this on purpose.

His gaze was intense but his face was softened by his smile. For a moment I thought I was in heaven. It was him! I could hardly breath.

He asked if he could buy me a drink. I said yes. I was thinking, why not? We talked for a bit and he kept telling how much money he makes and about all this property he wants to buy for his future. All he did was talk about himself. I was happy to listen till my drink was finished which I tried to drink as fast as I can. I didn?t want to say much as I thought then he was already getting the wrong idea about me. He kept touching my hand.

I don?t know how long we talked for. Two, maybe three songs. I dunno. But this song came on and he jumped up saying it was his favourite. Born in the USA I think it was. He throwing me around and doing all these dance moves. He had a drink in his hand. A bourbon I think. I was embarrassed.

He was so tender and sweet. His shirt fit him tightly around his chest. I just wanted to feel his strength... his security. I wanted to caress his hair and touch the skin of his lips to his nape... I knew there was a back way out and I thought I could escape through the crowd and just go home. I got to the balcony out the back when I was pulled back. The door shut behind us and he was trying to force me to kiss with him. He seemed angry.

Don?t stop. Kiss me more and whisper my name....whisper my name!

I started crying and he slapped me on the back of my head. He tried to force his drink on me. I was scared. He pulled me down the stairs. I begged him to just take me home. He drove somewhere near the river. I think he was lost. When he stopped he forced me to have sex with him. He drove back and left me in the car park.