Police Injured in Bulldogs brawl

Fans from the Canterbury Bulldogs broke out into fights with members of the crowd last night due to frustration over their shock defeat against the Sydney Roosters losing 35-0.

Police believe four separate incidents broke out on the night resulting in bottles and other projectiles been thrown at Rooster players as fans had been provoked into fights. The property of Aussie Stadium had also been damaged i.e. seats and barrier and also families with young children witnessed dangerous violence.

NSW Police reported that only two officers were injured and their condition in not yet known and also stated that they have made numerous amounts of arrests and the offenders will be charged.

This incident couldn?t have come at a worst time for the club in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons in the past few weeks.

Meanwhile club chairman George Peponis is not commenting on Willie Mason and if he did or did not test positive to cocaine last year in a drug test conducted by the Bulldogs internally.

This has been the toughest month in Bulldogs history since the salary cap debacle in 2002. The clubs being put through claims of sexual assault, breach in code of conduct, player testing positive to an illegal drug.

The resignation and sacking of Steve Mortimer and Gary Hughes respectively both key figures in the history of the club; and yesterday the humiliating loss to the Sydney Roosters 35-0.

These recent events haven?t just ruined the reputation of the Bulldogs as being the ?Family Club?. It has also put pressure on the NRL to act out and cease these reoccurring problems in the club.

The Bulldogs need to come clean and keep their minds focused on what?s going on the field and not on what?s happening outside of the 80 minute period every week.